GSN Review: Pierre Ferrand Ambre & Reserve Cognac


Maison Ferrand is the result of the encounter in 1989 between Alexandre Gabriel and one of the oldest winegrowing families in the Cognac region. Alexandre Gabriel’s intention was to breathe new life into the Ferrand cognacs. He wanted to maintain age-old, craft-based production methods which were worlds apart from mass production techniques, and sought to bring back to market the true expression of Grande Champagne’s terroir. It is around these core values of authenticity and character that Maison Ferrand built up its business, first with cognac, then with other distinctive fine spirits. Nowadays, Maison Ferrand is a highly regarded company that draws on a dynamic team of people who nurture a passionate interest in what they do.

GSN has previously reviewed the 1840 Original Formula Cognac.  Two more cognacs were recently sent for review.

Pierre Ferrand Ambre (80 proof)
Visual: Deep golden-yellow.
Nose: Musky, sparkling, crisp grape distillate tempered with sharp and bright wood.  Quite engaging.
Taste: The main character lies towards the low-end of the musical scale.  A lot of fat, rich bass notes of rich grape spirit clothed in an elegant robe of French oak cask.
Finish: Quick, medium-short and well-appointed.  A true cognac in every sense of the word.
Overall: This makes a killer Sidecar or French 75 (if using Chris Hannah’s version).  A snifter by itself is also a treat.
GSN Rating: A-

Pierre Ferrand Reserve (80 proof)
Visual: Dark golden-yellow.
Nose: More bright, high notes than the Ambre, but still with the distinctive effervescent quality that immediately makes one take notice.
Taste: Amazingly rounded, smooth, mellow and creamy in both flavor and mouthfeel.  The aging here has melded with the spirit in that neither has the upper hand.  A great balance and a truly fine sipper.
Finish: As the fade hits, there are notes of vanilla, caramel, and interestingly, pineapple.  It begs for a second glass to keep the first one company.
Overall: Terrific, and easily one of my favorite Cognacs that is readily available pretty much everywhere.  Alexandre Gabriel has done it again!
GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Pierre Ferrand Cognac