GSN Review: Pierre Ferrand Ancienne Methode Dry Curaçao

Developed by Pierre Ferrand owner and President Alexandre Gabriel in collaboration with Professor David Wondrich, this new Curaçao is based on recipes dating back to the 1700’s-1800’s.  The liqueur includes primarily bitter Curaçao orange peels, but also vanilla, prunes, lemon peel and sweet oranges along with over a dozen other ingredients.  They are all macerated in unaged brandy, which is in turn re-distilled and finally blended together with aged brandy and Cognac in oak casks.  To achieve the final touch, the Ferrand company adds some more dried Curaçao peels during the aging process.  All of this makes for a very nice addition to your arsenal of Triple Secs. The best part?  It retails for under $30 a bottle.

Pierre Ferrand Ancienne Methode Dry Curaçao  (80 proof)
Visual: Golden Honey color.
Nose: Fresh and natural orange peel bouquet with slight vanilla overtones.
Taste: Bright orange, crisp herb notes with some heat.  Less rich than Grand Marnier, but still quite viscous.  There’s almost a sense of carbonation on the tongue.  Not overly sweet, but tempered by a slight bitterness that comes through midway.
Finish: An almost baked fruit flavor gives way to a touch of bitter orange and candy floss.
GSN Rating: A

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