GSN Review: Gin Rummy – Gin Lovers Playing Cards

Featuring illustrations of 40 gins from around the world, plus 12 gin-based cocktails, GIN RUMMY: Gin Lovers Player Cards are painted by tattoo artist Jean André, known for his sensual designs. The accompanying booklet written Emma Stokes, aka Gin Monkey gives a detailed background on each of the gins, plus a bonus of 12 gin-based cocktail recipes.

And for those who haven’t played gin rummy before, it is a simple game to learn (with added layers of complexity for advanced players). Not a fan of the game gin rummy, you say? That’s ok! These gin-themed cards can still be used as a standard deck of playing cards. Available: 03/05/2019

GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Laurence King