GSN Review: Punzoné Vodka & Liqueur

imagesI’m a big supporter of organic farming.  In the spirit world, there are far too few organic products available.  So, when I heard about Punzoné, I was immediately intrigued.  All of the ingredients are organically sourced in Italy along with water from the Italian Alps.  The base spirit for the liqueurs is their vodka which is column distilled under the supervision of creator Frank Guerrera.

The two liqueurs are actually more like ready to drink cocktails or punches than what you’d typically expect.  In fact, the Originale is based on a sangria recipe that Guerrera made for friends and family in his NYC home.

Punzoné Vodka (80 proof)
Visual:  Diamond clarity.
Nose: Light minerality, crisp almost green apple nose.  Lots of olfactory body, almost rich and viscous.
Taste: There’s a lot of terroir which has an earthy and semi-rustic quality.  Lots of minerals and a semi-tannic grapevine quality.  Thick and wholesome, with a
Finish: Medium long, with a clean and full-bodied finish.
Overall: A great vodka best served ice-cold.  Wonderful as the base in stirred vodka cocktails.
GSN Rating: A

Punzoné Lemoncino Liqueur (34 proof)
Visual: Slightly cloudy pale yellow.
Nose: Fresh lemon juice with a hint of sugar.  Natural and nothing like lemon flavored candy.
Taste: Thin and elegant, a gentile limoncello.  None of the usual cloying sweetness.  Lemon with a touch of dry herbality.
Finish: Refreshing and exceptionally bright.
Overall: This is a ready to serve cocktail which has just the right amount of sweetness.  Serve straight from the fridge.
GSN Rating: B

Punzoné Originale Liqueur (34 proof)
Visual: Clear hazelnut.
Nose: Orange juice, some red wine notes, spices and a hint of vodka.
Taste: Quite like a sangria, but much drier with an undertone of spice.  The blood orange gives this it’s high notes, while the wine adds body.
Finish: Short and fruity with lingering notes of orange and grape.
Overall: Ready to drink out of the bottle and one of the better sangria flavored products on the market.  Best served on the rocks ice cold.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Punzone