GSN Review: Pulp Culture Juice

Pulp Culture uses 100% raw, fresh juice that naturally ferments over three months. Called “wild fermentation,” the result is a zero-additive, zero-sugar, bone-dry beverage with 6 billion naturally-occurring probiotics, B vitamins, and a 4.9% ABV. The final touch is blending in fermented, nutrient-dense super fruits and performance-boosting botanical adaptogens.

Benefits include: No hangover, immunity boosting, botanical adaptogens, 6 billion CFUs probiotics per can, zero sugar, 99 calories, full spectrum fermentation and a low 4.9% ABV.

The four blends are function-first formulas, showcasing all ingredients on the face of the can.

  • Think – designed to boost brain power and deliver sustained energy – perfect for our new work from home reality
  • Hustle – an uplifting buzz to support an active lifestyle – make your run a little more fun
  • Restore – a cleansing elixir that delivers good, clean, fun – take a break from the news and breathe
  • Relax – down tempo vibes for a chill buzz – the kids are home from school, you’re gonna need this

GSN’s Thoughts: These are quite interesting. In some ways they remind me of kombucha, each having a slightly tart tang and fruity character. In other ways they remind me of a shrub that has been added to sparkling water. I can’t vouch for the adaptogenic qualities of the four different characteristics promised by their names, but these all have an uplifting, healthy flavor that can give you an extra boost in the mid-day. If you’re looking for a bit more of an alcoholic kick, feel free to add an ounce of vodka, white rum or blanco tequila to these. In any case, in these stressful times of quarantine, these are worth trying without having to leave your house. You can order online at the website below.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Pulp Culture LA