GSN Review: Rhum Barbancourt Estate Reserve 15 Year Old Rum

In 1862, Dupré Barbancourt, a native of the Charente region in France, put the finishing touches to a recipe for rum using a double distillation method usually reserved for cognacs. Barbancourt left no heir and when he died the company passed to his wife Nathalie Gardère who managed it with the help of her nephew, Paul Gardère. When she died, Paul then directed the company’s destiny until 1946. At this time Rhum Barbancourt’s distillery was still located on le Chemin des Dalles in Port au Prince and only produced a limited quantity of rum. The older aged rums being exclusively reserved for family and friends. The company is now overseen by Delphine Natalie Gardère, the fifth generation of the family and the second woman to head the company that has grown to become Haiti’s leading brand of rum. La Société du Rhum Barbancourt’s now sells its products in 20 countries and employs 250 people. Its wide reaching activities are responsible for the livelihood of 20,000 people. 

Rhum Barbancourt 15-year-old Estate Reserve is a 86 proof Rhum Agricole distilled from pure sugar cane juice. Aged 15 years, in Limousin oak then ex-Bourbon oak, the rum comes in a gift box featuring Haitian art. 

GSN’s Remarks: A remarkably dry entry with a slight bourbon patina, followed by mild cane sweetness. There is a lot of mid-range here, with vegetal and spice notes filling the space encompassed by oak. A fulsome rum that is great on its own, but also makes for a killer rum cocktail. A fine spirit that deserves a place on your back bar. GSN Rating: A

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