GSN Review: DRNXMYTH Cocktails

In need of a full bar? Hosting a virtual happy hour for your company? Tired of sugary and watered-down mixes? DRNXMYTH offers the ability to order as much as 1 bottle or a whole round of drinks delivered to your door, as well larger setups for corporate events. 

Created by working bartenders using fresh, cold-pressed juices sourced directly from farms in Southern California and without any artificial ingredients or preservatives, DRNXMYTH uses proprietary cocktail tech to deliver chilled, ready-to-drink cocktails. Each bottle equals two servings, making them perfect for sharing.

There are sixteen different drinks available for your event, making DRNXMYTH the largest portfolio of RTD cocktails under one umbrella. 

GSN received samples of the following cocktails created by bartenders from around the country for review:

Rum Punch crafted by Bad Birdy
Bourbon Sour crafted by Jason Yu
Ginger Drop crafted by Richard Allison
Eastside crafted by Saeed ‘Hawk’ House
Classic Margarita crafted by Charity K. Johnston

GSN’s Remarks: The fresh fruit flavor comes through immediately. After reviewing dozens of RTD’s, we can honestly say that DRNXMYTH has cornered the market on freshness. The bottle design is clever and adds a sense of elegance that adds to the experience. As any decent bartender knows, balance is key, and the cocktails we received are all excellent. We opted to pour ours over ice to create a little more softness as the drinks are quite citrus forward. Overall, each had a fresh brightness and balance that we enjoyed. The only oddity was the Rum Punch which had mint which seemed out of place. Overall, though, these are great cocktails for bachelorette parties, wedding receptions, corporate events or even an upscale backyard BBQ. Outside of going to a bar, these are the best ready to drink cocktails you will find on the market. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: DRNXMYTH

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