GSN Review: Union Horse Rolling Standard Four Grain Whiskey

Union Horse Distilling Company recently announced the release of its Rolling Standard Midwestern Four Grain Whiskey. This new spirit marries two distinct, yet complementary styles of whiskey – wheated bourbon and American single malt. Rolling Standard is the first in the company’s “Distiller Series,” a collection of the experimental and artistic works of Union Horse’s distillers. Inspired by the pioneering spirit of America’s railways, Rolling Standard is handcrafted from locally sourced barley, wheat, corn and rye.

“Rolling Standard represents an exciting step toward what’s next for our company,” said Patrick Garcia, Master Distiller and Co-Founder, Union Horse Distilling Company. “We’re constantly looking for new ways to share our craft with consumers, push our creative limits as distillers and build upon what we’ve learned along the way. That’s what the Distiller Series represents to us and we’re proud to have Rolling Standard bring something new to our line-up.”

Union Horse Rolling Standard Four Grain Whiskey (92 proof)
Visual: Dark brass.
Nose: Crackling high notes of oaked malt. Lots of oak. Stave in a glass. The mash bill is perfectly integrated and showcases the rye to advantage.
Taste: An explosion of corn whiskey out of the gate, quickly pursued by rye and barley.  The wheat tempers everything down to a fine rumble.
Finish: Medium long, with some lingering sweetness intermingled with baking spices.
Overall: Well done. We at GSN keep finding ourselves going back to this fine whiskey. A knockout.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Union Horse