GSN Review: Crystal Head Vodka

Crystal_Head_Bottle_ShotIf you’ve seen the latest Indiana Jones film, you are at least familiar with the legend of the crystal skulls.  What you may not know is that the skulls are not ancient mystical talismans, but rather 19th century fabrications.  They are kind of like the Cardiff Giant of local New York State fame.  In spite of the evidence, Second City alum Dan Ackroyd based the bottle design of his vodka on these artifacts.

Crystal Head is made at a government-owned distillery in Newfoundland, Canada from corn grown in Ontario Canada.  It is then quadruple distilled and brought to proof with Newfoundland glacial water.  Finally, it is triple filtered through NYS Herkimer diamonds and another four times through other materials.

There’s no denying that the Crystal Head bottle is simply stunning and makes for a great piece of art.  However, though highly marketed and associated with veteran comedian Dan Ackroyd and eternal rockers The Rolling Stones, left me wanting more.

Crystal Head (80 proof)
Visual: Crystal.
Nose: Heavy minerality with just the slightest touch of wintergreen.
Taste: Very thin body with an almost smoked slate palate.  Initially, the flavor profile seems rather bland, but then distinct notes of peppery spices percolate around the mouth ending in an extremely crisp and dry finish.
Finish: Quite short with a heavy lingering of minerals.
Overall: I love the bottle, but the vodka doesn’t quite live up to its promise of other worldliness.  I honestly was expecting more, but it still is a decent vodka that will no doubt please those looking for simplicity.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Crystal Head