GSN Review: Shaker 33 Update

We previously reviewed the Shaker 33 when it was a Kickstarter five years ago. We thought we should revisit it and see how it stands up in 2020.

The shaker itself seems sturdier and the seal fits exceptionally well. We had no issues with getting the cap or strainer to twist and lock and visa-versa. The strainer seems to have a better design as well with a variety of differing hole sizes that make pouring quite easy.

The unit is solid, sturdy and built for nearly a lifetime of use. We like that it is lightweight, sizable (so you can batch up to four cocktails), and frosted. This allows for a bit of show when shaking, but also has a classier look than a clear shaker would. Overall, we still recommend this shaker, which will work equally well for a beginner or a professional.

GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Shaker 33

GSN Review: Shaker 33 (Kickstarter Campaign)

image002There are almost as many bar tools available as there are spirits.  It seems as if every week there is some new jigger, shaker or juicer on the market.  Well, there’s a new piece of equipment on the market which makes its Kickstarter campaign debut on July 7th.

The folks at Shaker 33 (the 33 is in tribute to the year prohibition ended in the US) sent the GSN staff a prototype shaker to try.  You can see a picture on the left of the component parts.  A large polymer tube, concave strainer with two sizes of holes, a rubber gasket for sealing, and the top which has an art deco look to it.

We gave the unit a workout several times and can give it a general thumbs up.  This shaker holds a lot of liquid and is best for making batched cocktails.  In fact you can easily make four drinks in one go with this.  The clear plastic makes for an interesting visual display for the guests when you are pouring and shaking.  The strainer works well, but takes a bit of getting used to when locking into place.  It’s a kind of a twist and push/pull motion.  The lid is pretty much just ornamental but also has the same locking motion.

The biggest caveat is that the entire shaker is made of polymer plastic which doesn’t conduct cold as well as metal (best) or glass (second best).  So, you may end up shaking a bit longer than usual to get your achieved dilution.

If Shaker 33 does make its Kickstarter campaign, it will be offered in both clear and frosted versions.

For more information go to: Shaker 33