GSN Review: Ship’s Cat Aged Rum & Spiced Rum

Boardroom Spirits recently introduced a new flavor to the Ship’s Cat collection. Ship’s Cat Spiced Rum, a gluten-free spirit. Ship’s Cat’s namesake is a tribute to Stray Cat Blues, a fantastic animal shelter and adoption provider in the local Lansdale, PA community. Boardroom was able to generate a substantial donation toward the shelter during the original release of their rum. 

“The Ship’s Cat collection has always held a special place in the Boardroom Spirit team’s heart,” says Mike Podlogar, Director of the RTD Cocktail Program for Boardroom Spirits. “The Ship’s Cat collection has been a popular mainstay since we introduced it two years ago because of the quality and versatility of the rum. Our Blackberry Mojito has been one of our most popular drinks every year since we introduced it. The addition of a spiced rum is the perfect kick to the collection and a great way to start the new year.”

Ship’s Cat Spiced Rum – GSN’s Remarks: A lot of vanilla, which creates a smooth and warm sensation on the palate. The rum is somewhat sweet, but this works in its favor. A decent spiced rum perfect for mixing in a highball or simply enjoyed as a shot. GSN Rating: B+

Ship’s Cat Aged Rum – GSN’s Remarks: There are some rough edges here, but we can tell the direction that the rum would take if it aged for another year or two. At the moment, it has a sensation of being very young and somewhat hot. Still, there are no obvious flaws here. A perfectly fine rum for fruit forward cocktails. GSN Rating: B-

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