GSN Review: Sorel Liqueur

Sorel Liqueur is an alcoholic rendition of sorrel, the 500+-year-old traditional hibiscus-based beverage brought to the Caribbean from West Africa. Hibiscus is a flowering plant that also goes by the name of Sorrel, spelled with two R’s.  In Jamaica, hibiscus flowers are made into a drink also called sorrel and it is served during the Christmas season, often with rum added to the mix.  There is a slightly spicy quality to it which brings to mind holiday baked goods.  Jack From Brooklyn goes one farther by adding clove, cassia, ginger and nutmeg in a base of cane sugar and grain alcohol to their version.  The end result is remarkably similar to mulled wine.

After being diagnosed with a spinal tumor in 2010 and given a ninety-five percent chance of death, Jackie Summers beat those odds and left his decades-long corporate career to create Sorel, in honor of his Barbadian heritage. Following 623 failed attempts, Summers perfected the first and only shelf-stable alcoholic version. After an impressive debut in 2012, Sorel ceased production for several years, however in 2021 it became an early recipient of the Uncle Nearest Venture Fund. Sorel is now currently available in 20 states and will be available in 35 states by the end of 2023, expanding its presence in bars, restaurants, and retailers throughout the United States.

GSN’s Remarks: A totally unique liqueur that works wonders in almost every cocktail you can imagine. The nose presents a semi-grape-like perfume headily dosed with clove and a more subtle spiciness. On the palate, there is a definite rush of fruitiness quickly followed by a slight numbing sensation of cloves and soft gingery heat. The effect is both tropical and similar to a mulled wine. In fact, Sorel is ideal for hot cocktails as well as chilled. With a medium-light body and a fairly long finish, the overall effect is of a flavorful journey to the Carribbean. GSN is very glad to have Sorel available again after too long of a separation. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Sorel Official

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