GSN Review: Drake’s Organic Spirits & Spiked Ice

Drake’s is the only spirit brand to hold certifications from five of most recognized authorities, being USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, OU Kosher, vegan per, and gluten-free per Gluten-Free Organization. Drake’s products include Vodka, Rum, Spiced Rum, SpikedIce™ Pops, and a RTD cocktail line: BOXTAILS™. As Drake’s catchphrase says, “Better for you, better for the planet.”

The Vodka, Rum, Spiced Rum are 100% plant-based (e.g., clarified using coconut fibers rather than carbon which often contains bone char) and distilled from organic non-GMO cane sugar. Cane, vs. grain, has a negative carbon footprint vs. a very high carbon footprint. They also use no herbicides and pesticides.

Drake’s Organic SpikedIce Pops Variety Pack comes in three flavors – Mango Vodka Punch, Black Cherry Limeade, and Watermelon-Tini and are made with Drake’s all-organic vodka and white rum. The handheld ice pops feature 12% ABV and only 100 calories each.

Using USDA Organic fruit juice and Drake’s spirits, Drake’s Organic Boxtails are THE ONLY organic boxed cocktails on the market. The collapsible bladder inside the box keeps the Boxtails fresh and shelf-stable for up to 2 years, and the box is made of recycled cardboard. The boxes are 100% compostable, while the inner bladder and spigot are fully recyclable. They come in a variety of flavors including Minted Mojito, Watermelon-Tini, Blackcherry Limeade, Perfect Margarita, and Mango Punch.

Note: We were not sent the Boxtails for review.

  • The vodka is simply what it needs to be. It has an interesting flavor profile, with more vanilla than expected. But there is also a minerality and terroir that adds more character. GSN Rating: B
  • The white rum has a somewhat grassy profile, with again more body and apparent minerality. We especially like this one for Daiquiris. GSN Rating: B+
  • The spiced rum is our favorite, with a nice blend of woodiness, warm vanilla, cinnamon and a touch of nutmeg. Drier than many spiced rums, this works in its favor when used in tiki drinks, cutting through the juice and adding balance. Try it in a Painkiller or a Pina Colada. GSN Rating: A-
  • The Spiked Ice pops are boozier than any others on the market, making them the equivalent of 2/3 of a glass of wine. The flavors are heavily fruity, but refreshing, especially on a hot summer day. What’s nice is that you can throw the whole box in the freezer and it only takes up as much room as two ice cube trays. Plus, they’re safer to have around the pool or patio, as there’s no possible breakage. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Drake’s Organic

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