GSN Review: Stranahan’s Original

Stranahan’s, the American single malt from Colorado’s first distillery since prohibition recently updated its original expression in celebration of the distillery’s 15th anniversary. 
Recognizable by new premium packaging, the new Stranahan’s Original boasts an older liquid – a blend of four-year, five-year, six-year and seven-year old American single malts, as a testament to the well-aged stock of whiskeys Stranahan’s has nurtured over the past 15 years. 
Since its first release 15 years ago, Stranahan’s has been  pioneering American single malts which can be seen through its annual Snowflake release (one of the rarest releases in American whiskey), the recent Mountain Angel 10 Year Old (the distillery’s oldest and rarest release to date) and core expressions like Sherry Cask and Blue Peak. The refresh of Stranahan’s Original in its core lineup honors this 15 year commitment.
GSN’s Remarks: Sweet and semi-maple entry with a lovely and light mouthfeel. As the flavor opens up, there is a journey of peppery brown bread and mild cinnamon. We like the overall new character of the blend, which has a full vista of bass notes, to perky mid-range and bright treble. Perfect served over a large rock, this also works wonders in classic bourbon cocktails. Try it in a Mint Julep, Old-Fashioned or Manhattan. GSN Rating: A

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