GSN Review: UncommonGreen College Town Glassware

syracuse-university_syracuse_ny_usa_SKU_rocks_perspective_city_grandeHard to believe summer is almost over and students are back at school already.  For the college student who enjoys classy glassware in their dorm room, there are some new products available from UncommonGreen. Their College Town Glassware collection offers a variety of glass styles featuring intricate maps of famous college towns from all over the country. Designed with precise and stylish maps of the streets and neighborhoods of iconic American college towns, you can choose from either classic etched rocks and wine glasses or vividly screen-printed pints, which come in the school colors? There are nearly 100 iconic U.S. college towns to choose from.  The GSN offices received a pair of rocks and pint glasses featuring our local college, Syracuse University.  Everyone has been loving the detailed maps of local neighborhoods where they grab a beer or cocktail during happy hour!syracuse-university_syracuse_ny_usa_40049_staggeredSidePairRightFocus_af4ec2c0-fd85-4f43-825b-953a2803086d_grande

If you can’t find your college town in their in-stock offerings, UncommonGreen now offers every U.S. college town in their brand new Your College Town collection! Each glass is engraved-to-order, making this a truly unique gift for anyone (especially yourself!).

UncommonGreen can also send your student a reminder of home. Their Original City Map Glassware collection is the perfect way to survive homesickness. Your son or daughter will feel comforted seeing their neighborhood each time they raise their glass. You can even engrave a special message of love to go with the city of your choice.

Review: Both the rocks and pint glasses are well weighted and smooth, with beveled bases and rounded rims.  The rock glasses are etched and have a frosted appearance, while the pint glasses are enameled in Syracuse University’s school colors of orange and blue.  I prefer the colored glasses because it makes it easier to see the streets and neighborhoods, but the rocks glass also has appeal as it will show off the color of the cocktail or spirit to better effect.  Also of note is that each glass also shows the latitude and longitude of the town.  For those of you who might be interested, Syracuse is 43.0380, -76.1340.  Overall, these are well made glasses and will make great gifts for students, teachers and alumni.  GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: The Uncommon Green