GSN Review: Fruitations Drink Mixers

fruitattionsreviewI met Allison Goldberg, the creator of Fruitations, while I was in New Orleans this past July for the annual Tales of the Cocktail festival.  Even after only a few minutes of chatting with her over the thumping music playing at Harrah’s Casino, I could tell she was whole-hearted about her enterprise.  Her vision started in her home kitchen while making syrups for soda.  Why not try them with spirits?  She did and discovered that the all-natural, three ingredient fruit syrups she was making worked beautifully in cocktails.

Each is crafted using only whole fruit, water and cane sugar.

Cranberry: Nice and tart with a natural cranberry flavor.  Reminds me of Thanksgiving.  The sugar is held back to allow the cranberry to really shine here.  Definitely a nice change from the usual cranberry cocktail which always is much too sweet and diluted.  Try this in a Cape Codder, or mix  an ounce with an ounce of water and add three ounces of 80 proof bourbon on the rocks.  GSN Rating: A

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is one of those flavors that gets short shrift in the cocktail world, and especially red grapefruit.  Yet, it definitely has its place in mixology.  I like it in tiki drinks and with vodka, tequila and light rums.  Here, the flavor of the red grapefruit is very good, but the cane sugar seems a little heavy.  I would have liked a more bitter edge with a bit more fruit flavor.  Try this in a Paloma or a Greyhound. GSN Rating: B

Tangerine: Why not try tangerine instead of orange when making a cocktail?  There is a brighter and more vibrant flavor in tangerines which boosts the citrus edge.  Fruitations tangerine has a great flavor which has quite a long finish.  Again, there seems to be a bit more sugar here than I was expecting, but the fruit holds it own.  There’s even a slightly tart tang which is a welcome change from the usual orange juice based mixer.  Try this in a Mimosa or Harvey Wallbanger for a brighter and more intriguing experience. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Just Add Fruitations