GSN Spirited News: October 26th 2021 Edition

Código 1530, known for Tequila, is entering the mezcal category. Its newcomers include an Ancestral Mezcal (43.1% abv) and an Artesanal Mezcal (42.2% abv), retailing at $180 and $65 respectively. The Ancestral expression is notable for the fact that no machines or automation are involved in its production, with the agave mashed by hand using a wooden stick, fermentation done in a leather vat, and the distillation taking place in clay pots, according to the company. The Artesanal offering includes wild tobalá agave and is rested in Sauvignon Blanc wine barrels. Both are available at retail and on Código 1530’s website.

Shoreham, Vermont’s WhistlePig has announced the eighth edition of the Boss Hog: LapuLapu’s Pacific. This edition is a 17-year-old rye whiskey aged in American oak before finishing twice in heavily toasted Philippine rum casks, with the first finishing cask previously holding 7-year-old rum and the second 10-year-old rum. The whiskey is bottled at barrel proof with bottles ranging from 52.4% to 53.3% abv. The Boss Hog VIII: LapuLapu’s Pacific is rolling out now in limited quantities to select retailers across the U.S. for a suggested price of $500 a 750-ml.

Beam Suntory has released Bardstown Batch, the third bottling of Booker’s Bourbon for 2021. The release, named for the home of distiller Booker Noe, among other Beam family members, aged for six years and five months before bottling and comes in at 62.75% abv. Booker’s Bardstown Batch is now available in limited quantities across the U.S. for a suggested price of $90 a 750-ml. 

Beam Suntory’s Tres Generaciones has kicked of the Legacy series, a new collection of limited-edition Tequilas, with Cenobio’s Batch PlataThe 45% abv Tequila celebrates the first generation of the Sauza family and is named for Don Cenobio, who purchased the Sauza distillery in 1873. Cenobio’s Batch Plata is now available across the U.S. for $70 a 750-ml. In addition to launching the Legacy series, Tres Generaciones has updated the packaging for its entire portfolio, with the new bottles featuring three lines gradually increasing from rough to smooth to represent the distillation process. 

Wyoming Whiskey has released another batch of its Single Barrel Bourbon, the first since November 2020. The 48% abv wheated Bourbon is aged for at least five years and made from locally sourced grains from the Bighorn Basin. The limited release is now available in Wyoming, Illinois, California, Colorado, New York, Georgia, Arizona, New Mexico, Maine, Idaho, Florida, and South Carolina, as well online via the brand’s website and other e-commerce channels, for a suggested price of $99 a 750-ml.

Graton, California’s Redwood Empire Whiskey, part of Purple Brands, has launched its first two bonded whiskies: Rocket Top Straight Rye and Grizzly Beast Straight Bourbon. The 50% abv whiskies were distilled in spring 2016 by distiller Jeff Duckhorn. The rye is made from a mash of 87% rye, 7% malted barley, and 6% wheat; and the Bourbon from 69% corn, 22% rye, 5% malted barley, and 4% wheat. Only 500 cases of each expression are available and both carry a suggested retail price of $80 a 750-ml.

Canada’s Alberta Distillers has announced the 2021 edition of Alberta Premium Cask Strength Rye. This year’s whisky, which ranges in abv from 63% to 67%, is the second edition of Alberta’s barrel proof whisky to reach American shelves. The whisky is distilled from 100% Canadian rye and made with Rocky Mountain water. The Beam Suntory release will be available in select markets across the U.S. for a suggested price of $75 a 750-ml.

Hotaling & Co. has expanded Hirsch Selected Whiskeys with a new single barrel Bourbon. The first single barrel release from the brand, the initial bottling consists of 57 barrels bottled at 62% abv. The barrels aged for at least six years and the Bourbon was made from a mash bill of 72% corn, 13% rye, and 15% malted barley. Hirsch Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon is now available in select retailers across the U.S. for a suggested price of $90 a 750-ml. Beginning November 1, a limited number of bottles will also be available through ReserveBar.

Scotch producer Compass Box Whisky has announced another installment in its limited edition series No Name. The final release of the series, No Name, No. 3, is a blended malt whisky based on liquid from the Laphroaig Distillery aged in recharred hogsheads, augmented with additions from Bowmore Distillery and the Compass Box Highland Malt Blend. Compass Box will market 10,794 bottles worldwide. No Name, No. 3 is at 48.9% abv and will be available from spirits retailers beginning November 1 for $130 a 750-ml.

Mount Gay Rum, part of the Rémy Cointreau portfolio, has unveiled the newest expression in its limited edition Master Blender Collection: Andean Oak Cask. The fourth offering in the series, Andean Cask is available nationwide, retailing at $195 a 750-ml. Made by master blender Trudiann Branker, the new rum was double distilled in a traditional copper pot still, aged for 14 years in ex-Bourbon barrels, and then finished in Virgin Andean Oak, an evergreen tree that grows across the mountains of the Colombian Andes.

Tanteo Tequila is launching a limited edition seasonal expression. Tanteo Navidad is an ultra-premium Añejo Tequila rested for 18 months in American oak barrels, then hand-infused with pequin chilis, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, ginger, and cocoa beans. Retailing at $60 a bottle, it will be available exclusively on Tanteo’s website. 10% of profits will go towards Un Salto Con Destino, a charity providing essential medical services to underprivileged members of Tanteo’s Mexican community.

Georgetown, Kentucky’s Blue Run Spirits has launched a new high-rye Bourbon, the first release overseen by former Four Roses distiller Jim Rutledge. The 55.5% abv whiskey is made from a mash of 65% yellow corn, 30% rye, and 5% malted barley, and was distilled at Castle & Key. The new bottling was assembled from 100 barrels and carries a suggested retail price of $90 a 750-ml. Blue Run Kentucky Straight High Rye Bourbon Whiskey is now available in select retailers in Kentucky, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Delaware, Illinois, Colorado, California, Florida, and New Jersey.

Princeton, Minnesota’s Phillips Distilling Company has reintroduced its Revel Stoke line of flavored whiskies, with new flavors and a new design philosophy. The whiskies, which come in 12 flavors, now feature irreverent names like SonofaPeach and Lei’d Roasted Pineapple, for example, and matching artwork. The brand, aimed at men aged 21-34, will also be supported by a marketing campaign centered around the tagline “Stoke Your Wild.” The redesigned Revel Stoke is now available across the U.S.

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GSN Spirited News: January 19th 2021 Edition

Coalition Whiskey, a new series of rye whiskies finished in Bordeaux barrels, has launched in seven states across the U.S. The brand, created by former Russian Standard USA CEO Leonid Yangarber, was distilled at Kentucky Artisan Distillery and enters the market with three expressions—one finished in Margaux barrels and bottled at 45.4% abv, another finished in Pauillac barrels and bottled at 46.3% abv, and one finished in Sauternes barrels bottled at 47.1% abv—all retailing for $90 a 750-ml. In addition, the brand’s unfinished rye is available at barrel strength (54.4% abv) for $130. The whiskies are rolling out now in New York, New Jersey, California, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, and Colorado.

Double Cross Vodka has launched a new ad campaign and redesigned bottle. The campaign, Dare to Differ, will debut online and on social media channels throughout the first quarter. The new bottle abandons the brand’s original rectangular shape for one with sloped shoulders and an easy-to-handle neck while retaining Double Cross’ etched and metallic branding. The new bottles are rolling out now in 750-ml. and 1-liter bottles ($35 and $40, respectively), with 50-ml. and 1.75-liter bottles to follow in the third quarter. Double Cross vodka is produced from estate grown Slovakian wheat and is imported by Old Nassau Imports.

MGP Ingredients has announced the 2021 iteration of Rossville Union Rye’s single barrel release. This year, the company is offering rye whiskies distilled from three mashbills (up from two for the 2020 edition) and bottled at cask strength. The release is available to pre-order until March 15 and will be delivered to retailers and other accounts by August. MPG is hosting virtual tastings so that interested customers can choose their preferred mashbill and will also allow buyers to customize the whiskey’s label.

Lansdale, Pennsylvania’s Boardroom Spirits has released three new bottled cocktails. First up is Winter Citrus Crush ($38), a 20% abv cocktail made with vodka and orange liqueur along with lime, grapefruit, and blood orange juices. The second release, Chocolate Hazelnut Espresso Martini ($42), comes in at 18% abv and blends vodka, orange liqueur, and hazelnut liqueur with amaro and locally made cold brew coffee. The last cocktail is Boardroom’s Hot Toddy, made with Bourbon, rye, and cinnamon whiskies, vermouth, lemon, demerara sugar, and blanc vermouth. It’s bottled at 22% abv and sells for $38.

Tanteo Tequila has launched a new Espero expression. Retailing at $30 a 1-liter, Espero is a 100%-agave blanco bottling aimed at the premium well Tequila segment. It’s rolling out nationwide both on- and off-premise. Tanteo is known for its higher proof Blanco offering as well as three spicy expressions infused with hand-cut peppers: Jalapeño, Chipotle, and Habanero.

MGP Ingredients has announced its George Remus Bourbon single barrel releases for 2021. Now available for pre-order (through March 15), they were distilled from two different mashbills. This year’s George Remus single barrels will be bottled at cask strength and buyers can attend virtual tastings with MGP to choose between the available barrels. The 2021 single barrel release of George Remus Bourbon allows retailers to customize the whiskey’s label and orders will be fulfilled by September.

Glen Rock, New Jersey’s Opici Wines has entered the non-alcoholic beverage space with MeMento, a new sugar-, gluten-, and alcohol-free spirit. The Italian import is also vegan and is described as a distilled aromatic water, made from rosemary, rose, and bay laurel, among other botanicals. MeMento is now available across the U.S. for around $37 a 750-ml.

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GSN Review: Tanteo Tequilas

Tanteo’s tequilas, coming from the southeast of the Jalisco, Mexico lowlands and just west of the Jalisco highlands, focus heavily on a variety of pepper infused tequilas, carving a unique niche in the field.

Tanteo won one of four best new tequilas in 2017 with their habanero tequila and is their original 100% agave spicy tequila. Tanteo infuses artisanal blanco tequila with fresh picked peppers by hand. The result is an award-winning artisanal tequila in a class of its own.  The use of peppers is a strong part of both their flavor and marketing as even the bottle of jalapeno tequila is inspired by the pepper itself.

While most tequila distilleries have been traditionally overseen by a few wealthy patriarchal Mexicans, Tanteo uses a cooperative distillery in the town of Juanacatlan employing mostly women (currently 80% of the work force including the management) with a goal of making a positive impact on their community.  The Tanteo distillery moved into what was formerly a denim factory that had closed, bringing jobs back to an area that was hit with economic loss.

Tanteo Blanco
Visual: Clear, as to be expected from a blanco.
Nose: A cooked agave front, with a cool lightness afterward.
Taste: A heady beginning with definite notes of agave and an earthy tonality.
Finish: A simple and smooth finish.
GSN Rating: B+

Tanteo Chipotle
Visual: A mid-tone yellow, not far off from the color of a reposado.
Nose: A mellow tone with a hint of smoked peppers.
Taste: Initially the kick of alcohol hits your palette and then quickly washes into the chipotle pepper flavor.
Finish: A smooth finish, with the burn of chipotle on your lips.
Personal notes: Peppered tequilas can be a dangerous game for some as some distilleries may rely on pepper oils which bring heat to the tequila but little flavor.  After tasting Tanteo’s Chipotle, I definitely got the impression that the whole smoked pepper soaks in the tequila before going through a final filtering which brings a more fun experience to a flavored tequila.  I would actually recommend this straight up, it’s not necessary to use it in a mixed drink but that would work fine as well.
GSN Rating: A+

Tanteo Jalapeno
Visual: Clear with a faint greenish undertone seen in the bottle but imperceptible in the glass.
Nose: A fresh jalapeno scent, as if you’ve cut one in half and added it to the glass.
Taste: The jalapeno taste is strong with this one, smell and flavor wise more so than the chipotle but less spicy.
Finish: A soft warming afterword.
Personal notes: While fine to sip, this tequila would make the perfect margarita or any tequila drink where one would want the flavor of fresh jalapeno in the drink.
GSN Rating: A

Tanteo Habanero
Visual: Clear.
Nose: The habanero is virtually imperceivable.
Taste: Initially, you’ll experience the blanco but once the haberno essence hits, it’ll take a quick 90° turn into a peppery and warming sensation.
Finish: A cool burn.
Personal notes: If you want more hot bite and less pepper flavor than the jalapeno then this is an ideal tequila.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Tanteo Tequila

Review by Travis Owens for Good Spirits News

GSN Review: Tanteo Tequila

The latest trend in spirits seems to be flavored infusions.  I’m sure we’ve all had
fruity, spicy or dessert flavored vodkas; but there is an entirely new player in town.  Tanteo Tequila uses 100% Weber Blue Agave for it’s blanco tequila and then infuses it with natural flavor extracts to create three versatile flavors for your sipping and mixing pleasure.

First off, the most logical of these creations is the Tanteo Jalapeno.  The vegetal quality of the tequila works extremely well with the mellow burn of the jalapeno.  The nose is enticing and the finish is long lasting, giving off a warming pepper burn that makes this an exceptional sipping tequila.  This would also work well in a Bloody Mary variation, or even a Jalapeño Tequila martini.  Very nice, and something I happily recommend for tequila enthusiasts.  Good Spirits Rating: A

Next, I tried the Tanteo Chocolate.  This is not a Godiva or Bailey’s type of liqueur.  This is a dry, bittersweet type of spirit that has multiple layers of flavor.  The nose is odd, but if you think of Baker’s chocolate, it makes sense.  The finish is somewhat short and leaves your mouth feeling dry.  I kept feeling it needed something edible to balance the experience.  This would be fantastic as a sipping tequila with Mexican food, or even as an addition to a chocolate based mole sauce.  It is an unusual tequila flavor on it’s own, but well worth a try to pairing with a meal.  Good Spirits Rating: B+

Finally, Tanteo Tropical.  Unfortunately, for me, this was the one tequila that sounded better on paper than it tasted.  The fruit is entirely much too forward and conflicts with the natural flavor of the tequila.  The nose is off putting and has an artificial air about it.  Apparently the infusion is a mixture of mango, pineapple and guanabana. I think they might have done better to choose one fruit and make it simpler.  About the best I could recommend this for is to mix into a Mango or Pineapple margarita.  But as a sipping tequila, I’ll pass.  Good Spirits Rating: C-

Tanteo Tequilas are currently only available in New York, New Jersey and online.

More information can be found on their website at