GSN Book Review: Tiki Triangle

From the classic Mai Tai to the infamous Zombie, in this book you will find over 100 recipes including classic tiki cocktails, modern mixology techniques, and easy to prepare Asian and Polynesian foods. You will also discover details on how to recreate these classic drinks, complete with syrups, mixes, secret ingredients and techniques. Also featuring many cocktail recipes from the leading mixologists working in the top cocktail bars are featured, including The Polynesian, Mai-Kai, Mother of Pearl, and Raine’s Law Room. This book is a celebration that spans over a century. From the old school tiki warriors of the past, to the new tiki enthusiasts carrying the torch into the future.

GSN’s Thoughts: Why another tiki book? Because this one puts recipes and history into a chronological perspective. Author Cristaldi shares some personal history with the culture before giving a brief and informative lesson on rum itself, along with some cocktails pre-1933, which is considered to be the birth year of the genre. Later chapters include food pairings, bar essentials for garnishing and serving, recipes for housemade syrups, and resources for decorating your home bar and even yourself. Of particular note is a checklist of extant tiki bars (as of publication, pre-pandemic) around the globe to entice you. All of this interspersed with full color photographs and clever illustrations by Paul W Zdepski.

The meat of the book are the cocktail recipes, and there are 101 to set you on your tiki voyage. I’d suggest starting at the beginning and working your way through the book. You’ll gain a greater appreciation for the evolution of the drinks themselves and get a short history lesson along the way. Of particular note are the post-millenium libations and a handful of non-alcoholic ones for when you’ve had a few too many.

As seen in the photo above, the book also comes with a pair of bespoke Zombie glasses. But you’d better hurry. As of today, there are only a handful of these beauties left.

GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Tiki Triangle