GSN Spirited News: April 13th 2021 Edition

Oregon-based Hood River Distillers is launching Timberline Vodka, a new brand. Distilled in a dual-column, 2,000-liter pot still, Timberline Vodka is made with grain and 14 varietals of Pacific Northwest apples, then proofed to 40% abv. Targeted to lovers of the outdoors, the brand features three labels that feature a hiker, a skier, and a snow goose, though the product inside the bottle is the same. As part of the brand’s outdoor spirit, it is a partner of the non-profit The Freshwater Trust, which works to preserve and restore freshwater ecosystems. Timberline is now available to purchase at select retailers in the Pacific Northwest, where it retails for $25 a 750-ml.

Baileys has introduced its latest limited time release, Baileys Colada. The blend of Baileys Irish Cream with coconut and pineapple flavors is bottled at 17% abv and retails at $25 a 750-ml. It’s launching nationwide and is recommended to be served over ice, blended with ice, or in cocktails.

Courtesy of Shanken News Daily