GSN Presents: The 2017 Advent Gift Guide – Day 4

Day four of the annual GSN holiday gift guide presents a shirt designed by a bartender for working bartenders!

Boodles British Gin has partnered with iconic London haberdasher Drake’s to create a unique and exciting innovation into tippled tailoring: the first proper shirt designed for bartenders, by bartenders. In working side-by-side with bartenders Leo Robitschek, Maxwell Britten, James Menite and Tom Walker, Boodles and Drake’s worked to identify a series of unique design adjustments to create a shirt that can withstand the rigors and revels of modern mixology.

Great Britain is home to some of the world’s most famous cocktail bars – and behind each of them, one can usually find a spirited sir clad in a pristine white dress shirt. Boodles and Drake’s discovered a shared value of proper British craftsmanship and quality and a striking sartorial lapse of tailoring made specifically for the cocktail community.

Just as each martini a modern barman mixes is made to be perfectly measured to his patron’s specific tastes, his shirt must be perfectly made to fit and serve him – yet Boodles’ bartender friends consistently complained of suffocating and sweaty shirts coming untucked at the slightest shake. 

The answer? Drake’s beautifully and classically crafted white dress shirt, specially modified with direction from Boodles Gin and the spirits industry’s most celebrated bartenders. Features include:

  • Premium yet breathable cotton… to stay cool during the busiest shifts
  • Longer length… to stay tucked as they reach for top shelf spirits and checks across the bar
  • A specialty barman pocket… perfect for your favorite bar tool or just a pen
  • Sleeve tabs… to assure a clean cuff roll

“Not only is the Boodles x Drake’s shirt stylish and extremely comfortable, it also has the proper functional additions for the bartender,” said Leo Robitschek. “I love the longer length of the shirt, that allows you to reach for those bottles in the back bar without having to tuck your shirt back in afterwards. ”

Inspired by the understated emphasis on simple and classic mixology, each of the four consulting barmen also tailored their own take on the classic gin martini.

“I’ve always viewed Boodles Gin favorably as a baseline gin for all my drinks because it is simple and clean,” explained Tom Walker. “Same with the shirt. It has subtle features that each serve a particular function. The discrete tool pocket on the front allows for preparedness without coming across as utilitarian.”

The shirt will be available for purchase exclusively at the newly opened Drake’s New York store for the retail price of $225.