GSN Presents: The Irish Grasshopper for St. Patrick’s Day

IMG_7898-800In general, if you want to drink something on St. Patrick’s Day you’re left with a choice between green beer or shots of Irish whiskey.  Instead we here at GSN invite you try our unique spin on a traditional New Orleans cocktail, the Grasshopper.  Originally created at Tujague’s bar located at 823 Decatur St. by Phillip Guichet in 1928, this cooling refresher tastes especially Irish at this time of the year.  Traditionally made with creme de cacao, creme de menthe and heavy cream; we decided on a lighter blend including Brancamenta and Teeling Irish Whiskey.  Of course, grasshoppers aren’t always green.

This is a short drink with an intense flavor meant to be followed by an Irish ale.

Dreoilín Teaspaigh (Irish for Grasshopper)

1.5 oz  Teeling Irish Whiskey
0.75 oz  White Creme De Cacao
Brancamenta rinse

Directions: Pour 1/4 ounce of Brancamenta into chilled cocktail coupe and coat inside of glass.  Throw excess over your left shoulder for luck.  Add whiskey and creme de cacao to ice-filled mixing glass and stir well.  Strain into a rinsed cocktail glass.

Optional: Garnish with a green or orange reception stick candy* (see picture below).

*Green if you are Catholic Irish and orange if you are Protestant Irish.