GSN Review: Ungava Canadian Gin

ungava_enI first heard the word “Ungava” back in 1987 in a song by Bruce Cockburn.  I never thought to look up where it was located until the GSN offices received this bright yellow colored gin.  Ungava Bay is located at the northern edge of Quebec and is home to the Inuit peoples.  The script you see above the word Ungave on the bottle’s label is written in Inuktitut and is their word for the area.

The color of this gin is striking, and I originally thought perhaps it was infused with saffron, but instead it is a blend of six traditional Canadian herbs: Nordic Juniper, Wild Rose Hips, Cloudberry, Crowberry, Arctic Blend and Labrador Te.  They all combine to make a spirit that manages to be quite traditional in flavor, and yet unique in the world of gins.

Ungava Canadian Gin (86.2 proof)
Visual: Clear yellow.
Nose: Bright top notes of juniper, citrus and herb.
Taste: Sweet and mellow with less juniper coming through, but a definite herbal flavor.  There’s an almost marshmallow-like flavor keeping everything subdued. Refreshing and cohesive, with a great distillation.
Finish: The sweetness fades and a minerality takes over leaving a slight bitterness that clears the palate.
Overall: A very nice gin with some traditional aspects, but enough of a difference (certainly in color) that you will sit up and take notice.  Perfect for martinis as well as gin based fruit cocktails.
GSN Rating: A

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