GSN Review: Journeyman Distillery Whiskies

Journeyman Distillery is located in an 1800’s corset and buggy whip factory in Three Oaks, Michigan. Corsets, Whips & Whiskey is a single-grain, cask strength version of their Buggy Whip Wheat that goes directly from barrel-to-glass. Named after the products produced at the historic Featherbone factory building, this limited release whiskey showcases the quality and terroir of the organic Michigan wheat used to produce it. The 100% wheat provides a soft sweetness and smoothness reminiscent of an Irish whiskey on the palate.

They also produce Pit-Spitter Cherry Whiskey inspired by the fresh Michigan Montmorency cherries often found in farm stands in Harbor Country. Macerated cherries are added to their Last Feather Organic Rye Whiskey and soaked for 30 days in the spirit that features a mashbill of 60% locally produced rye and 40% locally produced wheat. After the cherries are removed, Journeyman cuts the strength of the 120-proof spirit by 70-proof by diluting it with water and adding a little sugar to enhance the flavor.

“We’re not using short cuts like cherry concentrate or flavored syrup,” Journeyman Distiller Matt McClain said. “There’s literally a half-pound of cherries infused into each bottle of spirit.”

Corsets, Whips, and Whiskey – GSN’s Remarks: Who would have thought that a 100% wheat whiskey would taste so good? This is like fresh baked and buttered whole wheat bread in a glass. Exceptionally smooth and flavorful with notes of pecans, red apple, cinnamon roll, toffee and butterscotch, the flavors are all self assured and work cohesively. A genuine treat and one that we could enjoy on a regular basis. GSN Rating: A+

Pit-Spitter Cherry Whiskey – GSN’s Remarks: Often the flavor of cherry when combined with a distilled spirit can be medicinal. Not so, here. The flavor is natural and juicy with a lot of ripe fruit character. The whiskey itself, supports and enhances the cherry flavor by giving it the spice inherent in the rye. The body is medium, but the finish is quite long with a dark cherry and slight nutty finality. We really like this whiskey and would love to see it made widely available. GSN Rating: A-

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