GSN Review: Whiskeysmith Chocolate

Whiskeysmith Co., of Old Elk Distillery in Fort Collins, CO, recently launched a line of flavored whiskeys across the United States. Whiskeysmith’s team hail from all corners of the industry. The result is a line of innovative flavored whiskeys sure to shake up any bar. Rooted in passion and innovation, they have created an impressive line of seven flavors. Each flavor – chocolate, banana, pineapple, blood orange, salted caramel, peach and coconut, acts as a cocktail in a bottle and can be enjoyed on its own, while also adding depth of flavor to a cocktail.

GSN’s Remarks: We’d place this in the category of liqueurs, being quite sweet. The flavor is good, similar to hot chocolate. The whiskey itself is the canvas, but is pleasant and smooth. Overall, a dessert-like spirit that works well neat or in a sugary leaning cocktail. GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Whiskeysmith Co