GSN Review: Reclamation Etchworks Decanters

d4dc02a7-c715-4bbb-86d3-d9b4a0b4f241I always feel a sense of loss when I pour the last few drops of spirit out of a bottle.  Because at that point all I can do is either recycle the container or keep it on a shelf as a memento.  Reclamation Etchworks does both and makes a pretty cool product at the same time.

With a retro pre-prohibition look that is classy and at the same time practical, RE uses lasers to engrave upcycled bottles for your favorite spirits.  They have two different styles available.  The heavier, thicker bottles are gathered as the Constance Decanter collection.  While the Variance Set, uses a variety of bottle shapes and etched labels designs.  Between both sets, there are a total of ten different spirits represented.

As an added bonus, they will etch the bottle with your name and/or the name of your bar.  These make for an ultra bespoke statement on your back bar or bar cart.  A great idea that also makes for a great gift for the upcoming holidays!

For more information, visit Reclamation Etchworks

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