GVine-x2G’Vine Gin is crafted on the grounds of Maison Villevert, a 16th century family estate in the heart of Cognac country under the supervision of its Founder and Master Distiller, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet. Uniquely crafted from grapes, it is infused with ten botanicals including aromatic juniper berries, green cardamom, cubeb berries, liquorice, lime, coriander, quassia amara, nutmeg, ginger root and the rare vine flower. This flower exists for just a few days before maturing into a grape berry and is handpicked as soon as it blooms each year in June. It is then macerated in grape spirit and distilled in a florentine pot still. The resulting vine flower essence is then married with the other nine botanicals in G’Vine’s Lily Fleur copper pot still.

There are two expressions of G’Vine Gin: Floraison and Nouaison.  Each brings a unique profile to the bar.

G’Vine Floraison (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Lightly floral with a sweet essence like spun sugar candy.  Quite refreshing and evocative of spring.
Taste: Less juniper and more of a lightly textured young brandy.  The botanicals are well-balanced, but subtle.
Finish: Crisp, clean and bright.  This gin “pops’.
Overall: An interesting iteration on the ever-increasing variations on a venerable spirit.  A perfect gin for sipping on its own.  Used in a Martini, you might want to cut back on the dry vermouth.
GSN Rating: B+

G’Vine Nouaison (87.8 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: A more present sense of juniper.  Darker and heftier.
Taste: Fruitier, but also more botanical.
Finish: Sweetly intense with a dry, strong edge.
Overall: I’d recommend this for use in gin forward cocktails over the Floraison.  It holds its own better and stands out when blended with citrus, liqueurs or mixers.  Tasty.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: G-Vine

image_thumbMillerCoors is launching a new 2016 “Limited Pick” series under its Redd’s flavored beer franchise. Three specialty Redd’s ales (all 5% abv) will be released over the course of 2016—Cranberry Ale in February, Blueberry Ale in April and Redd’s Ginger Apple Ale in September. A new lineup of ales will be released in 2017. Redd’s Limited Pick offerings will be available while supplies last nationwide in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles, 16-ounce cans and in the brand’s variety pack.

Irish-Whiskey-188x520Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn is launching its popular winter seasonal, Irish Whiskey Aged Stout. The 7.4%-abv entry, which debuted in 2012, was aged in the company’s Oakerator aging device on American oak infused with Irish whiskey. It’s brewed with A&G ale malt, crystal malt, roasted barley, chocolate malt, raw wheat and Super Styrian hops. Innis & Gunn Irish Whiskey Aged Stout is available in four-packs of 11.2-ounce bottles for about $9.99 and 5.5-gallon kegs in 22 states.

downloadEscondido, California’s Stone Brewing Co. has introduced Stone Pataskala Red X IPA, a new limited edition seasonal release. Brewed with Mosaic, Amarillo and Cascade hops, Pataskala is also made with a newly-available malt known as Red X, sourced from German malting company Bestmalz. The 7.3%-abv brew is available in six-packs of 12-ounce bottles and on draft through May across Stone Brewing’s 42-market U.S. footprint.

image_thumb[6]Boston’s Harpoon Brewery has launched Thunder Foam, the latest expression in its limited edition 100 Barrel Series. The winning recipe from Harpoon’s 2015 Kettle Cup employee brewing competition, Thunder Foam is a 6.8%-abv porter brewed with chili peppers and cocoa nibs. The new entry is currently available in 22-ounce bottles and on draft and marks the 56th installment in Harpoon’s 100 Barrel Series, which showcases a different employee recipe every few months.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

fiorente-elderflower-liqueurA. Hardy USA has linked with Italy’s Francoli Distillery to launch Fiorente elderflower liqueur in the U.S. Produced in Piemonte, Fiorente features a relatively low sugar content and is intended to be mixed with sweet wines or in cocktails, the company says. The 20%-abv entry, which is being targeted both on- and off-premise, is currently available nationwide, priced at $24.99 a 750-ml.

malibuPernod Ricard is introducing a new flavor in its Malibu Sensations lineup, Malibu Pineapple Upside Down Cake. The 21%-abv flavored rum entry is available nationwide in 750-ml. and 1-liter bottles for about $15 a 750-ml. The latest offering adds to the brand’s flavored portfolio, which also includes Orange Float, Sunshine, Sundae, Swirl, Mango, Tropical Banana and Pineapple, among others.

sobieski-estate-vodka-in-a-tube_tempImperial Brands is extending its Sobieski vodka brand with the launch of Sobieski Estate Single Rye vodka. The super-premium offering is made with 100% Dankowski rye and distilled in limited production at Lancut Distillery, one of the oldest distilleries in Poland. Priced at $28 a 750-ml., Sobieski Estate Single Rye will be available nationwide, both on- and off-premise, joining Sobieski’s core unflavored expression (around $11) and its 11-flavor lineup.

Gifted_Horse_American_Whiskey_Orphan_BarrelDiageo has unveiled the latest release in its Orphan Barrel project, The Gifted Horse American Whiskey. The newcomer is composed of 38.5% 17-year-old Kentucky Straight Bourbon, distilled at the Bernheim Distillery in Louisville while it was operated by United Distillers. It also contains 51% four-year-old Bourbon and 10.5% four-year-old corn whiskey sourced from Indiana. The Gifted Horse American Whiskey—which is 115 proof and retails at $50 a 750-ml.—is the seventh product launch in Diageo’s limited-release Orphan Barrel series, whose previous offerings have included Kentucky Bourbons Barterhouse, Old Blowhard, Rhetoric, Lost Prophet and Forged Oak. Gifted Horse will be “highly allocated, with no future releases planned,” Diageo noted.

Burnetts-Cucumber-Lime-VodkaHeaven Hill Brands’ Burnett’s vodka has introduced a new Cucumber Lime expression to its 36-flavor lineup. Rolling out in April, the new 35%-abv entry will be available in 50-ml., 750-ml., 1-liter and 1.75-liter formats, retailing at $10.99 a 750-ml.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

1610834_10152862980905943_61540934822568108_nThe Pisco Sour has been around for nearly 100 years now, but you still rarely see it on cocktail menus outside of metropolitan cities.  Hailing from Lima, Peru, it was created by Victor Morris an ex-patriot American.  Designed as a South American spin on the Whiskey Sour, it became an instant hit.  Originally a simple mix of pisco, simple syrup and lime juice, by 1924 the recipe included the key addition of egg white topped with aromatic bitters.  Sadly, only five years later Morris declared bankruptcy and soon passed from cirrhosis of the liver.  Perhaps too much of a good thing.

If you want the total authentic experience, make sure to use Amargo Chuncho bitters which are made in Peru.

Pisco Sour
1.5oz Peruvian pisco (Porton, Barsol or Encanto are good brands)
0.75oz fresh lemon juice
1oz simple syrup
1 small egg white
Amargo Chuncho Peruvian Cocktail Bitters (use Angostura bitters in a pinch)Combine pisco, juice, syrup and egg white in a shaker; and shake vigorously without ice. Add ice, shake well again and strain neat. Place a few drops of bitters on top of the foam.


First off, this is a tasty little number that I will be adding to my repertoire. Very much old school in flavor, but so easy to make and imbibe. Of course, it probably didn’t hurt that I used Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye and Cointreau. This makes the perfect aperitif before virtually any meal.

The only caveat that I have is in the mixing instructions. It should be obvious that this drink is meant to be stirred, not shaken. If you do end up shaking it, you will get a overdiluted, bland cocktail. Be warned!

Canadian Cocktail
1.5oz Canadian whiskey
0.5oz triple sec
0.5oz simple syrup
1 dash Angostura bitters

Shake with ice and strain into chilled cocktail glass.

download (4)Ballast Point Brewing is set to launch a pineapple-infused version of its popular Sculpin IPA. Ballast Point’s Pineapple Sculpin is debuting nationally in 12-ounce bottles. The new entry is 7% abv, and will be available year-round.

download (5)Cold Spring, Minnesota’s Third Street Brewhouse will roll out newcomers Hop Lift IPA (6.2% abv) and Minnesota Gold Light Lager (3.9% abv). Hop Lift—as well as fellow year-round offerings Lost Trout Brown Ale and Three Way Pale Ale—are launching in four-packs of 16-ounce cans, while Minnesota Gold Light (and the existing Minnesota Gold Lager) will be marketed in 12-packs.

download (6)Boston Beer is rolling out a new line of nitro beers under its Samuel Adams brand nationwide. Nitro White Ale (5.5% abv), Nitro IPA (7.5% abv) and Nitro Coffee Stout (5.8% abv) are the first three launches in the Samuel Adams Nitro Project, with more beers expected to follow. The company began experimenting with brewing nitro beers in the 1990s with a Boston Cream Ale and has continued testing different styles and recipes. Nitro Coffee Stout, Nitro IPA and Nitro White Ale are available in four-packs of 15-ounce cans beginning next month for about $8.99-$10.99, with the White Ale also debuting on draft.

download (7)Longmont, Colorado-based Left Hand Brewing Company is rolling out Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter, the first seasonal in its Left Hand Nitro Series. Each batch of the 6% abv offering was brewed with 650 pounds of custom Hard Wired coffee. The fourth addition to Left Hand’s nitro bottled series, Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter will be available in six-packs and on draft beginning in February across the company’s 35-state distribution footprint.

download (8)Chandler, Arizona-based SanTan Brewing Company is releasing a new spring seasonal, Grapefruit Shandy. The American ale is blended with locally sourced Arizona grapefruit juice, 2-row, wheat and Munich malt and Columbus/CTZ hops. The 4.7%-abv Grapefruit Shandy will be available from February through March on draft and in 12-ounce cans in Arizona, California, Texas and New Mexico. Last October, SanTan introduced a new look intended to create a more unified appearance across its line of Southwestern-style ales.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

downloadSvedka is looking to build off the success of its recent innovation efforts with next month’s launch of a new flavor, Cucumber Lime. Cucumber Lime ($12.99 a 750-ml.) marks the 13th flavor for Svedka. The new offering is intended to tap the recent popularity of cool, crisp cocktails such as the Moscow Mule and Gin and Tonic, as well as capitalize on flavor trends found within Asian and Mexican cuisine.

download (1)Brown-Forman has introduced a new Woodford Reserve special edition under the brand’s Distillery Series. The new offering, Frosty Four Wood, is a mature Woodford Reserve Bourbon aged in American oak and finished in Maple, Sherry and Port barrels. Woodford’s original Four Wood whiskey, a 2012 Master’s Collection release, was exposed to record-low temperatures during the 2013 Polar Vortex, resulting in flocking, or mineral precipitation, Brown-Forman said. Subsequent filtration from those stocks produced Frosty Four Wood (90.4 proof), a more fruit-forward whiskey with maple hints. Retailing at $50 a 375-ml., Frosty Four Wood is debuting only at the Woodford distillery and with Kentucky retailers.

imagesChicago-based Rhine Hall Distillery, known for its fruit brandies since it opened in 2013, is releasing its first cherry brandy this month, priced at $32 a 375-ml. bottle and $56 a 750-ml. It’s made from a fermented sour mash derived from de-pitted Michigan cherries, and bottled at 40% ABV with no added sugars or flavors. The new release joins a product line-up that includes brandies made from apples, pears, peaches, plums and mangoes. The distillery also offers both an oaked and unoaked grappa.

download (2)Cape Coral, Florida’s Wicked Dolphin Distillery has partnered with Tampa-based Cigar City Brewing to create the inaugural rum release in its Wicked Dolphin Brewer’s Series. To create the collaborative offering, Cigar City filled Wicked Dolphin rum barrels with its tropical-style stout for 10 months, then made the resulting beer available to its El Catador fan club. Afterward, Wicked Dolphin filled the same barrels with rum, resulting in the first Wicked Dolphin Brewer’s Series rum, a 46% abv offering that is retailing at select Florida outlets at $48 a bottle.

download (3)Booker’s Bourbon, part of Beam Suntory’s small-batch collection, is introducing Booker’s Bluegrass, its first release of 2016. Aged six years and 11 months, Booker’s Bluegrass is 127.9 proof and retails at around $60 a bottle. The first of six releases expected in Booker’s Batch Collection this year, Bluegrass is debuting nationally in limited quantities.

All information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

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