GSN Review: The Vice Tri Blend Wine

The USA Triathlon Foundation recently announced a partnership with The Vice Wine, a luxury winery based in Napa Valley, California, and operating out of California and New York, through 2022.

Proceeds from The Vice Wine’s triathlon-inspired luxury limited edition batch “The Tri Blend” will benefit the USA Triathlon Foundation and help to support its mission, which is to transform lives through sport by providing opportunities to swim, bike and run. The Vice Wine is co-founded by Malek Amrani, a multi-time member of USA Triathlon’s amateur Team USA, and his wife, Torie Greenberg.

“Elite and amateur triathletes alike have an ongoing quest for improvement in sports, while maintaining a clean and healthy diet, which is a pillar of the triathlete lifestyle,” Amrani, Founder and Winemaker of The Vice Wine, said. “In 2017, triathlon became a vice for me and helped me tremendously thrive in my field of winemaking. I’m proud that the simple pleasure of enjoying a glass of The Vice Wine can now help the USA Triathlon Foundation achieve its mission.”

The Tri Blend is available exclusively at The Vice Wine’s online shop at Based on triathlon’s three disciplines, the blend includes three distinctive grapes and is ultimately comprised of 16 percent Petite Sirah, 54 percent Malbec and 30 percent Cabernet Franc. The inspiration behind the precise blending is the percentage of total race time spent on each discipline — swim, bike and run — by world champion Katie Zaferes en route to her victory at the 2019 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Lausanne, Switzerland.

“In triathlon, you have to consistently train for a long season and excel at all three sports during a race to score a victory,” Amrani said. “As in triathlon, I’ve worked very hard for the past three years to craft three unique wines from three vineyards of Napa Valley to blend this winner.”

“When I found out the inspiration behind The Vice ‘Tri Blend’ was my win at the ITU Grand Final 2019, I was both honored and excited,” Zaferes said. “It’s such an original and neat way to celebrate that day. I love that the blend of the wine is based on each component of the race, which really makes it all the more meaningful. I’m not usually an avid wine drinker, but this type of specialty wine has me looking forward to both savoring it and holding onto it just as I wanted to do with that moment in Lausanne last year. I just can’t wait for the moment when we can reunite with family and friends again and celebrate with such a meaningful wine that brings back many happy memories as we start a new journey to get back to racing, while being able to support the mission of the USA Triathlon Foundation.”

The Vice Wine will continuously craft dedicated batches for the triathlon community in support of the USA Triathlon Foundation. The Vice Wine will be available in the expo area for athletes over 21 years of age at the Legacy Triathlon in Long Beach, California, and the Toyota USA Triathlon Age Group National Championships in Milwaukee. In addition, USA Triathlon annual members will receive a discount code via email for 25 percent off of all The Vice Wine products through May 25, as well as additional exclusive offers throughout the year.

The Vice Tri Blend Wine (14.6 ABV)
Visual: Rich raspberry red.
Nose: Heavy fruit with more of a sweet bent than an oaky one. The scent is luxurious, well appointed and mouthwatering.
Taste: Initially, it has a sweet grape character, but upon a second quick sip, the tannins come out and create a dry foil to the bottom heavy fruit.
Finish: Medium long, as is appropriate for this style.
Overall: This is a very well blended wine that has quite a bit of bright character and vivacity. You can definitely tell that the Malbec is in the majority, which makes for a great canvas upon which the Cab Franc and the Petite Sirah lay upon. An excellent choice to enjoy with a light meal.
GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: The Vice Wine

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