GSN Review: Pig’s Nose Blended Scotch

It’s always refreshing to find an established distillery that is still a family owned and run business.  These days it seems as if most successful distilleries are gobbled up by large spirits conglomerations.  Not so with the Spencerfield Distillery.  They even go one step further, by having their headquarters located in an idyllic 16th century Scottish farmhouse.  No wonder their products reflect that rustic feel with name’s like “Sheep Dip” and “Pig’s Nose”.  You get a sense of real craftsmanship and hard work.

The Spencerfield Spirit Company is located in Inverkeithing, Scotland and has been making whiskies for over 40 years and also of late, a gin. The whiskey I was sent for review is Pig’s Nose.  Created by 3rd generation master distiller Richard Paterson, it is a blend of Speyside, Islay and Lowland single malts with Invergordon grain whisky matured in first-fill oak casks.

Pig’s Nose Blended Scotch Whisky (80 proof)
Visual: Golden, sunny yellow.
Nose: Toasted grain, dark cherry, currents, ginger, spiced carrotcake.
Taste: Ultra-smooth and light with just the slightest hints of sea salt and toasted coconut.  A very pleasant, light and dry Scotch.  Great for using in cocktails.
Finish: Fairly short, leaving a dry and almost tea-like finish.
Overall: Not as rich as some blended whiskies, but with enough substantial body, it stands up on its own.
GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Spencerfield Spirit Company

3 thoughts on “GSN Review: Pig’s Nose Blended Scotch

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