GSN Review: The Tweeddale Grain of Truth Single Grain Scotch

Grain of Truth is a wheat and barley based grain whisky, matured in Bourbon casks and finished in sherry casks. Grain whisky has been traditionally used as a major part of blended whiskies, particularly as a basic base for a blend. Here they use 50% barley, and 50% wheat to give the spirit more complexity, and finish the whisky in sherry casks.

The original Tweeddale whisky was blended and bottled by Richard Day, the Co-founder Alasdair’s great grandfather. Alasdair inherited the original Tweeddale blending recipes. In the original Tweeddale Blend from the late 1800’s, Alasdair’s great grandfather used sherried grain whisky

Grain of Truth works on its own, or in a rusty nail with Drambuie. Or just to make a fancy whisky and ginger ale with Fentimans Ginger Ale.

The Tweeddale Grain of Truth (92 proof)
Appearance: Medium gold.
Aroma: High, sweet sherry notes top the aroma pyramid, with a bright and luscious entry. Softer notes of barley edge their way into the mix, followed by the lightest hint of peat.
Taste: Beautiful entry with an ultra smooth character due to the high wheat content in the grain bill. The sweetness lingers, but never overwhelms. It’s a marriage made in heaven.
Finish: Long and relaxing with a pleasant, almost fruity fade out.
Overall: There is hardly a note of creosote on the palate, making this a perfect scotch for the Irish whiskey lover.
GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Tweedale Whisky

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