GSN Review: Uncle Val’s Zested Gin

3 Badge Mixology founder August Sebastiani created Botanical Gin in 2012 to honor his uncle, Zio Valerio. A retired physician, Mr. Valerio is also an avid cook and gardener and uses the plants he grows in his garden to prepare food with. Using the same plants and herbs his uncle would have, August created a gin. Uncle Val’s Zested Gin is the latest in the portfolio. Ingredients include juniper, bergamot orange, coriander and barley malt.

GSN’s Remarks: Quite a bit of orange on the nose, whereas the juniper plays a submissive role. Clean, bright and crisp. The flavor is remarkably orange with a hefty sweetness. Very little of the other botanicals come through, but the barley malt adds a smooth and creamy base. After several seconds, a pith-like bitterness creeps in, balancing out the sweet forwardness. For a gin, this is definitely a new world style that is perfectly designed for fruity gin cocktails, as opposed to a traditional dry Martini. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Uncle Val’s Gin


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