GSN Review: Filmland Spirit’s Moonlight Mayhem! Bourbon

Founded in 2020, Filmland Spirits is a California based company founded by a crew of whiskey enthusiasts, movie buffs and storytellers. Filmland Spirits produces whiskey and whiskey inspired spirits in Kentucky. In the Fall of 2022, Filmland Spirits launched its initial three whiskey expressions consisting of two bourbons and a rye whiskey. Housed in custom bottles inspired by the world of moviemaking, then paired with a label that is a movie poster based on an original B-movie script written specifically for each expression, Filmland Spirits are truly Stories You Can Drink®.

The first expression in Filmland Spirits core whiskey lineup, “Moonlight Mayhem!” Bourbon is a small batch straight bourbon whiskey aged in a white American Oak casks for 4+ years.

Consumers will be delighted and terrified by the Moonlight Mayhem! story: the Romeo and Juliet inspired saga is set in a post-modern world where werewolves are the dominant species on planet earth. Consumers will wonder if hero Tommy Dawson and Slyvane Saxon, his shape-shifting carnivorous girlfriend, can protect their love from disapproving families and dangerous foes? Or if she will be unable to resist sinking her teeth into the delicious snack that is her sweetheart? Consumers curious to learn more about Moonlight Mayhem! can head to the brand website to read pages of the script, see storyboards and watch the movie trailer.

GSN’s Remarks: First of all, this is a very cool idea. Spirits based on an interactive theme just might become the latest industry trend. In any case, the juice itself is quite tasty. Medium bodied with a decent amount of char (#4) and a classic grainbill (75% corn, 21% rye and 4% malted barley), this is an easy going bourbon. Great for highballs, but also really nice served neat. We recommend trying a bottle this halloween season to get guests in the mood. Also of note, the bottle is really well designed from the poster-like label to the wooden cap crafted in the shape of a movie reel. We look forward to trying their other releases! GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Filmland Spirits

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