GSN Review: Santera Tequila

Santera_TequilaTime for a quick lesson in Tequila making.

Santera is distilled and bottled in Jalisco, Mexico. Made with highland agave containing 21 degrees brix (sugar content), the pinas are roasted for up to 54 hours in hornos (brick ovens). The cooked agave is then shredded in a molino (mill) and passed through the milling heads to carry the sugars away from the tepache (pulp).

The juice is then slowly fermented using a proprietary fruit yeast. Finally, it is distilled twice in alembic pot stills. Santero Blanco is unaged, but filtered; Santera Reposado is rested for up to seven months in American oak barrels; and Santera Anejo is aged up to sixteen months in American Oak and finished with some Extra Anejo.

Santera Blanco (80 proof)
Visual: Clear.
Nose: Vanilla laden agave with black peppercorn, sweet green pepper, cut straw and wood stave.
Taste: Lightly sweet with a touch of vanilla bean.  Very delicate and almost floral with a flower sensibility.
Finish: Fairly short with the flavors disappearing quickly leaving only the slightest hint of agave.
Overall: Exceptionally smooth.  A good sipping tequila that will also work well in less aggressive cocktails.  Perfect for a Paloma cocktail.
GSN Rating: B

Santera Reposado (80 proof)
Visual: Light pale gold.
Nose: Sweet agave, corn husk, white pepper, tobacco leaf, sourdough.
Taste: Light, smooth and crisp.  There are no rough edges here.  A creaminess in the mouthfeel and a very fresh agave flavor make this a great spirit for a tequila newbie.  The oak adds just the right touch of vanilla and caramel.
Finish: Medium with lasting sweet notes.  Almost like tequila custard.  Very nice indeed.
Overall: A really well done tequila that is great on its own or mixed in a cocktail.  Definitely a highland style tequila that is accessible to everyone.
GSN Rating: A-

Santera Anejo (80 proof)
Visual: Dark gold.
Nose: Cinnamon spice, caramel, vanilla, cocoa bean, oak char.
Taste: Surprisingly light in body.  More smoky char flavor comes out here, with the agave all but covered in wood. Quite dry and tannic, but some hints of creaminess fighting through the custard-like character.
Finish: Medium long with some spiciness hitting the back of the palate on the fade.
Overall: Surprisingly less expressive than the reposado.  It seems disparate with highs and lows, but no substantial middle.  If you’re looking for a tequila for mixing, this is fine, but not so much as a sipper.
GSN Rating: B

For more information go to: Santera Tequila

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