GSN Review: Humboldt Organic Apple Brandy

Humboldt Distillery, the Northern California distillery best known for its organic and hemp-infused vodkas, recently announced the launch of its latest offering: Organic Apple Brandy. The new spirit is a small-batch release, with only a limited number of cases produced. 

“There’s no single reason we decided to produce our Organic Apple Brandy, but rather a few reasons — one being it’s a tasty spirit that I really enjoy myself,” says Abe Stevens, Humboldt Distillery founder and head distiller. “It’s made with familiar ingredients that are grown locally. Apple brandy has a long, storied history in the U.S., and it’s currently not produced in any significant quantity by any of the big liquor brands, so for us it was the perfect spirit to add to our portfolio.”

It takes more than 20 pounds of apples to make each bottle of Humboldt Distillery’s Organic Apple Brandy, and includes fruit from local orchards like the College of the Redwoods’ Sustainable Agriculture Farm in Shively, California. The brandy is made from a blend of barrels of different ages, with the majority of casks originating as ex-bourbon barrels from Sonoma Distilling Company and aged from 2-5 years.  These once-used barrels are made of American white oak, and give the spirit mild oaky tasting notes and a golden color. The spirit is certified organic and contains zero artificial colors or flavors. It is non-GMO as well as gluten-free.  

GSN’s Remarks: A lovely apple nose reminscent of fresh pressed cider. The flavor is warm, with a mellow sweetness that retains the flavor of the fruit, while adding a round and smooth body. The finish is medium long, with a dry and semi-tannic ending. This is a great spirit for sipping neat while enjoying  creamy cheeses such as Brie or Tallegio, with roasted pork loin, or alongside an apple tart for dessert. A wonderful addition to the Humboldt portfolio, and one which we would welcome year round. GSN Rating: A-

For more information go to: Humboldt Distillery


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