GSN Review: Paulaner Grapefruit Radler

Paulaner Grapefruit Radler combines 50% Paulaner’s classic Münchner Lager and 50% naturally hazy, grapefruit infusion, resulting in a tangy flavor with 2.5% alcohol. Paulaner Grapefruit Radler is available in 16.9 oz 4-pack cans.

“With the continued rise in flavored beers and hard fruity seltzers, it was an easy choice for us to introduce our Grapefruit Radler here in the United States,” says Steve Hauser, CEO of Paulaner USA. “Its success is in the combination of our expert brewmasters and the quality ingredients used to brew the product. This has resulted in a premium, flavorful thirst quencher that consumers won’t be able to put down.”

The new Paulaner Grapefruit Radler is a fruity-tart refreshment that is 100% natural and not too sweet. It will be available this summer, so be sure to taste one (or four) for yourself.

GSN’s Remarks: Very fruit forward, with a sweet/tart flavor. Best served ice cold. We liked this on a hot summer day to pair with a meal. A good beverage to have on hand for outdoor events. GSN Rating: B+

For more information go to: Paulaner

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GSN Review: Dooley’s Belated Porter

Switchback Brewing Co., home to Switchback Ale has released their cult favorite, Dooley’s Belated Porter, in 16oz cans for the first time. The move marks the first of many Switchback Specials that will transition their way from 12oz bottles to cans throughout 2023.   

Dooley’s Belated Porter (named after the brewery’s first employee) was first brewed in 2009 and quickly became an annual favorite for die-hard Switchback fans. It features a blend of roasted and caramelized malts giving it a luscious malt signature that has an earthiness derived from the non-traditional use of flaked barley. The use of Simcoe hops for both bittering and aroma highlights this hop varietal and balances the malt to create a robust, yet smooth finishing American porter. The newly designed label embodies the dark, snowy nights of Vermont’s coldest season – the perfect time to enjoy a Dooley’s. 

Find 16oz cans of Dooley’s Belated Porter in limited quantities at the brewery and at select stores throughout Switchback’s distribution footprint. 

GSN’s Remarks: Smokey, hoppy and delicious. In some ways this reminds me of a hopped Russian stout. The nose is enticing and the pour gives a nice tuft of foam. In the glass it is dark, mysterious and substantial. We like this one with a hearty beef stew, shepherd’s pie; or with red meats, wild boar and game birds. Seek this one out while you can. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Switchback VT


GSN Review: 2022 Brooklyn Black Ops

Bourbon lovers and beer fans alike can yet again raise their glasses to the release of the 2022 edition of Brooklyn Black Ops (11.5 % ABV), a collaboration between craft beer innovator Brooklyn Brewery, and Kentucky-based bourbon brand, Four Roses Distillery.  

The collaborative brewing partnership between Brooklyn Brewery and Four Roses dates back to 2019 and stems from a longstanding friendship between Brooklyn Brewery Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver and Four Roses COO and Director of Operations, Ryan Ashley. The much-anticipated 2022 edition of Black Ops – a Russian Imperial Stout – was aged for approximately 9 months in Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon barrels, hand-selected by Four Roses Master Distiller Brent Elliott, resulting in a beer with just the right hint of bourbon character.

“Black Ops is unlike any other barrel-aged imperial stout. Rather than being thick, sweet, heavily roasted, and cloying, this beer is brisk and light on its feet, despite its 11.5% ABV,” explains Brooklyn Brewery’s James Beard Award-winning Brewmaster, Garrett Oliver. 

“Collaborating with Garrett has led to extremely unique, high quality releases over the past four years and the new edition of Black Ops is no exception.” said Brent Elliott, Four Roses Master Distiller “The mellow fruit, spice and oak tones of the Small Batch Bourbon barrels perfectly complement the rich, malty character of the Russian Imperial Stout, creating layers of complex flavors that both beer and bourbon drinkers will appreciate.”

GSN’s Remarks: A ton of vanilla on the nose, with a dry espresso-like bitterness counter balancing the sweetness. A rich, enveloping mouthfeel with a heady dose of alcohol that teeters just on the edge of being intense. A quite festive libation that has a lot of dark notes of coffee, cocoa, burnt caramel and the piece de resistance, bourbon. The Four Roses comes through quite clearly and adds a spirited air to the brew. We recommend this one with creamy or butter forward desserts. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Brooklyn Brewery


The Good Spirits News 2022 Holiday Gift Guide – The Beers

Good Spirits News shares their annual selection of gift ideas for the 2022 Holiday season! Today, we share the best of the beers that have been brewed this year. We start off with our recommendation for the holidays which will be sure to please the Zylophile in your life!

Returning for the third year in a row, Clown Shoes’ 12 Beers of Christmas mix pack offers their most diverse mix pack of 12 beers yet. This year, 8 beers have been added to the mix pack for the first time, bringing a wide selection of past favorites and first-time releases that craft beer novices and aficionados can enjoy. Some beers that are new to 12 Beers of Christmas are: Baked Goods – An American Pale Ale that bursts with tropical citrus flavor, minimal hop bitterness, and a smooth malt body at 5.5% ABV. Cosmic Waffle – A modern take on Clown Shoes’ original Belgian IPA recipe, this 7% ABV beer offers Azazza and Cryo Pop hops brewed with wheat and honey malts and a classic Belgian yeast strain. Burnt Caramel – A Brown Ale brewed with 1,200 pounds of Dark Candi syrup, Nigget and Mt. Hood hops, and roasted barley, coming in at 7% ABV. Lucha – A 5.8% ABV Mexican-style lager that was brewed using the most premium ingredients.

We also recommend the following beers this year:

GSN Alert: Cocktail, Spirits, Wine & Beer Publications Holiday Gift Guide 2022

GSN presents our yearly round up of upcoming books of interest for the imbiber of all things alcoholic. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to find a few new volumes to add to your wish list!

It taste like maguey: Eleven species of agave through the eyes of a mezcal lover 359 libros; 1st edition (October 2, 2022) This book is a tribute to the maguey. And not only to the culture and society created from it and its transformation into mezcal, but also to its biology, morphology and conservation. This is based on the fact that its author, Juan Valde-rrama Cicery, has cultivated it on different scales, geographies, and methods in Mexico, to the point that he was able to compile a catalog of eleven species of magueyera that he shares with us in this book. Cheers to all those who are passionate and curious about the maguey!

Champagne Secrets: the wine guide to learn about champagne, choose the best sparkling wines, be comfortable to taste like a pro, and recognize the grape varieties by Sylvie Schindler Bulles d’Émotion Éditions (October 3, 2022) Secrets de Champagne is the first champagne guide to learn sparkling wines easily and smartly. It will give you the skills to impress your guests, be more confident for tasting, and make you a true wine connoisseur. All the answers are in this champagne bible written by the Parisian specialist Sylvie Schindler. You will become an informed wine lover. You will know how to recognize a good champagne, how to recognize winemaking styles, and how to advise your friends. Identify the appellations, understand the labeling information, recognize the aromas, choose the best vintages, all the tips to serve champagne well… This wine book on champagne is clear, elegant, didactic, and very useful to discover the secrets of champagne.

American Rye: A Guide to the Nation’s Original Spirit by Clay Risen Scott & Nix, Inc. (October 3, 2022) What is going on with rye whiskey? Suddenly both experienced and new whiskey lovers are turning to rye as their primary object of interest. And just as suddenly the market is flooded with new offerings of this “old fashioned” spirit—the growth from just a dozen brands 15 years ago to more than 225 today is unprecedented. Author and spirits expert Clay Risen now offers a road map to the phenomena of rye. A detailed introduction includes a history of rye, how it’s distilled, aged, and earns its distinguishing qualities. Sections include info on how to start collecting rye, read a whiskey label, and how to have a whiskey tasting. Extensive rye whiskey accounts are organized alphabetically by distillery and brand and each of more than 225 expressions include a color photo of the bottle, info on proof, age, average price, tasting notes (nose, palate, finish), and is rated on a four-star scale. The author with a group of expert tasters “blind tasted” each and every one—a first for a spirits book of this scale. The result is a groundbreakingly innovative and invaluable asset for the whiskey lover navigating the world of American rye.

Modern Classic Cocktails: 60+ Stories and Recipes from the New Golden Age in Drinks by Robert Simonson Ten Speed Press (October 4, 2022) One of the greatest dividends of the revival in cocktail culture that began in the 1990s has been the relentless innovation. More new cocktails—and good ones—have been invented in the past thirty years than during any period since the first golden age of cocktails, which lasted from roughly the 1870s until the arrival of Prohibition in 1920 and included the birth of the Martini, Manhattan, Daiquiri, and Tom Collins. Just as that first bar-world zenith produced a half-century of classic recipes before Prohibition, the eruption of talent over the past three decades has handily delivered its share of drinks that have found favor with arbiters on both sides of the bar. Among them are the Espresso Martini, White Negroni, Death Flip, Old Cuban, Paper Plane, Siesta, and many more, all included here along with each drink’s recipe origin story. What elevates a modern cocktail into the echelon of a modern classic? A host of reasons, all delineated by Simonson in these pages. But, above all, a modern classic cocktail must be popular. People have to order it, not just during its initial heyday, but for years afterward. Tommy’s Margarita, invented in the 1990s, is still beloved, and the Porn Star Martini is the most popular cocktail in the United Kingdom, twenty years after its creation.

Pour Me Another: 250 Ways to Find Your Favorite Drink by J. M. Hirsch Voracious (October 4, 2022) You know what you like to drink—but what’s next? Expert mixologist and James Beard Award-winning editorial director of Milk Street J.M. Hirsch has the answer in Pour Me Another, where every recipe helps you choose your next drink. No matter your taste or liquor of choice, Pour Me Another guides you to a new world of drinks you’ll love. It’s an essential handbook for cocktail lovers and home mixologists everywhere.

Bohemian Mixology: Alternative Spirits & Modern Cocktails by Mr David Jordan Melia Independently published (October 6, 2022) Bohemian Mixology: Alternative Spirits & Modern Cocktails opens your eyes to the lesser known spirits used in the drinks industry, and shows you a different way of thinking about cocktails. By placing a ban on the use of traditional base spirits, you can allow your creativity to flourish, or at the very least, you can have a lot of fun. Focusing on 6 ‘Bohemian’ spirits, such as Absinthe, Pisco and Poitín, it will walk you through all aspects of making a cocktail from simple sours to advanced infusions. Stunning full page imagery of each drink will facilitate even more creativity, as you get to grips with a new way of thinking in the world of mixology.

The Creation of Flavor; from a Bartender’s Perspective by Whitney Marie Independently published (October 10, 2022) The Creation of Flavor; from a Bartender’s Perspective guides readers in how flavor is created through taste and aroma from how their molecular structure is perceived to how it can be manipulated. The author shares their methodology and understanding of ingredients to create cocktails that are drinkable works of art. Starting by breaking down the most common tastes in cocktails; sweet, sour, bitter, and salty, as well as common sources of each used in drinks. A further understanding of how their unique attributes are explored and how together these tastes can be utilized food the creation of balanced drinks. This will set the foundation of any good cocktail. Next aromas are delved into, from floral and citrusy to peppery and earthy, and the unique chemical makeup that allows aromas to be sensed through smell. Further understanding of aromatic showcases how the minute difference in molecular structure with aromatic compounds as well as different preparation creates different experiences within this category. This allows for the creation of layered and nuanced aromatic experiences. Aromas being one of the most powerful creators of memories and thus strong emotional connotation is the bridge used to traverse from a balanced cocktail to art in a glass. The Creation of Flavor; from a Bartender’s Perspective endeavors to find a more precise process for the development of new drinks through a better understanding of the ingredients that compose drinks. Just as an artist masters both technique and medium so can any enterprising bartender create a truly memorable drink.

Cocktails with a Curator by Xavier F. Salomon (Author), Aimee Ng Giulio Dalvit Luis Serrano (Illustrator), Simon Schama (Foreword) Rizzoli Electa (October 11, 2022) Join the curators of the Frick as they present engaging histories of works of art paired with creatively inspired cocktails—a crash course in art history and a delightful introduction to the treasures of the esteemed New York collection. Based on the critically acclaimed video series of the same name, Cocktails with a Curator is a collection of lively and informative essays. Paintings, sculpture, furniture, and porcelain—from medieval times through the glorious Renaissance to the early twentieth century—are discussed for their exemplary status. The creators are some of the greatest artists and include Rembrandt, Vermeer, Whistler, Manet, Velázquez, and Veronese, and the stories (of both artists and subjects) are tantalizing. Cocktails, with recipes, are thematically paired with the works: a Jaded Countess (absinthe, vodka, lemon juice, and simple syrup) with Ingres’s portrait Comtesse d’Haussonville; a classic Pimm’s Cup with Gainsborough’s depiction of English beauty Grace Dalrymple Elliott; and a Bloody Mary (named after the last Catholic regnant queen of England) with Holbein’s painting of Sir Thomas More, who opposed the Reformation of Mary’s father, Henry VIII. The perfect addition to any art connoisseur’s library, this book is an innovative and intoxicating way to enjoy the treasures of a world-renowned art collection.

A Sense of Place: A journey around Scotland’s whisky by Dave Broom Mitchell Beazley (October 11, 2022) A personal journey exploring Scotch whisky through its terroir, including the land, weather, history, craft and culture that feeds and enhances the whisky itself. In this beautifully crafted narrative, award-winning writer Dave Broom examines Scotch whisky from the point of view of its terroir – the land, weather, history, craft and culture that feed and enhance the whisky itself. Travelling around his native Scotland and visiting distilleries from Islay and Harris to Orkney and Speyside, Dave explores the whiskies made there and the elements in their distilling, and locality, which make them what they are. Along the way he tells the story of whisky’s history and considers what whisky is now, and where it is going. With stunning specially commissioned photography by Christina Kernohan, A Sense of Place will enhance and deepen every whisky drinker’s understanding of just what is in their glass, as well as open their eyes to where whisky can go.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Cocktail Book by Peter Wilkins Breakwater Books (October 15, 2022) The definitive guide to cocktails in Newfoundland and Labrador from the co-founder of the popular Newfoundland Distillery, including recipes from the top mixologists and bartenders across the province. Cocktails are allabout pleasure and celebrating the finer moments in life. With recipes compiled and tested by Peter Wilkins, the co-founder of the Newfoundland Distillery, this is the essential guide on how to effortlessly make classic and contemporary cocktails using the best local ingredients available. Peter introduces us to a range of delightful drinks in a variety of tastes and styles to make sure there is a cocktail for everyone.

New Mocktails Bible: All Occasion Guide to an Alcohol-Free, Zero-Proof, No-Regrets, Sober-Curious Lifestyle by Anne Schaeffer Fox Chapel Publishing (October 16, 2022) Never run out of alcohol-free ideas for mixed drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, and more with the refreshing guide to concocting the best mocktails, New Mocktails Bible! Whether you’re pursuing a sober-curious lifestyle or simply striving for more health-conscious libations, this must-have recipe book is perfect for enjoying any social setting or seasonal celebration without it going to your head. These aren’t the old super-sweet drinks made with only sweetened sodas, juices, syrups, and purees that appeal to a child’s palate—the drinks inside these 208 pages are carefully crafted to be delightful and delicious to the most discerning adult, including tea-based beverages, savory delights, and refreshing elixirs! Featuring an insightful introduction on the endless possibilities of nonalcoholic drinks, inside these pages you’ll discover more than 250 drink recipes organized into different categories, from New Signature Mocktails and Traditional Mixed Drinks to Unusual Mixers, After Dinner Drinks, and even Dessert Drinks!

60-Second Cocktails: Amazing Drinks to Make at Home in a Minute by Joel Harrison & Neil Ridley Princeton Architectural Press (October 18, 2022) Mixology in a minute! This cocktail recipe book from award-winning drink experts offers 60 delicious cocktails you can create in 60 seconds or less. Whether you have classic or adventurous taste, this guide to easy cocktail creation is the perfect addition to your home bar. The recipes include original drinks as well as tasty twists on the classics. Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley prove that mixing cocktails at home doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated; it’s fun, simple, and affordable! Featuring 60 cocktails that utilize a variety of spirits—including tequila, gin, rum, whiskey, vodka, and more.

The Whiskey Cookbook: Sensational Tasting Notes and Pairings for Bourbon, Rye, Scotch, and Single Malts by Richard Thomas Cider Mill Press (October 18, 2022) Wine isn’t the only drink that can accompany a good meal. In this cookbook, whiskey takes center stage with signature pairings and top-notch recipes. From rye with smoked salmon to bourbon with apple pie, experiment with diverse flavor profiles that pair with and improve the taste of these spirits. With hundreds of different expressions to choose from, a good bottle of whiskey is an ingenious way to bring your meals to the next level. Balance out delectable dishes or give them a perfect punch, ??and bring depth and complexity to each meal with this spirited collection. This is a new way to think, drink, and appreciate the world of whiskey. Raise your glass, it’s time to eat with The Whiskey Cookbook.

The Little Book of Aperitifs: 50 Classic Cocktails and Delightful Drinks by Kate Hawkings Quadrille Publishing (October 18, 2022) The Little Book of Aperitifs offers 50 recipes for everything from the perfect Gin and Tonic, classic Martini, effervescent Bellini, refreshing Spritz, to the beloved Negroni – all made with panache and minimal ingredients, and illustrated with gorgeous color photos. A well-made drink before dinner is the height of sophistication and the perfect way to start an evening with friends. Whether you’re a gin lover or a Campari queen, these little glassfuls of nectar will get your taste buds geared up for a night to remember. There’s also a chapter of non-alcoholic aperitifs to whet your whistle. With fascinating facts about your favorite tipples, as well as easy step-by-step instructions, it’s time to relax, get comfortable and enjoy The Little Book of Aperitifs.

Bar Menu: 100+ Drinking Food Recipes for Cocktail Hours at Home by André Darlington Running Press Adult (October 18, 2022) Bring the world’s best drinking food home and into your kitchen with this stylish recipe book featuring more than 100 drool-worthy, easy-to-prepare dishes. Award-winning food-and-drink writer André Darlington serves up creative bites and reimagined classics from around the globe—everything from quick nosh to wowing party-pleasers—to make Bar Menu the ultimate guide to boozy eating and entertaining at home. Whether you are a cocktailer looking for food pairings, or an armchair traveler eager to recreate iconic bar bites from the comfort of your own kitchen, this is your bible for hosting memorable cocktail hours. Companion drink ideas for every dish, 30+ cocktail recipes, quick history lessons, plus tricks and tips on everything from curating menus to batching drinks for a crowd of family and friends make this a cocktail hour cookbook unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ’Em from the Award-Winning Bar by Neal Bodenheimer (Author), Emily Timberlake (Author), Denny Culbert (Photographer) Harry N. Abrams (October 25, 2022) New Orleans is known for its spirit(s)-driven festivities. Neal Bodenheimer and coauthor Emily Timberlake tell the city’s story through 100 cocktails, each chosen to represent New Orleans’ past, present, and future. A love letter to New Orleans and the cast of characters that have had a hand in making the city so singular, Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em features interviews with local figures such as Ian Neville, musician and New Orleans funk royalty, plus a few tips on how to survive your first Mardi Gras. Along the way, the reader is taken on a journey that highlights the rich history and complexity of the city and the drinks it inspired, as well as the techniques and practices that Cure has perfected in their mission to build forward rather than just looking back. Of course, this includes the classics every self-respecting drinker should know, especially if you’re a New Orleanian: the Sazerac, Julep, Vieux Carré, Ramos Gin Fizz, Cocktail à la Louisiane, and French 75. Famous local chefs have contributed easy recipes for snacks with local flavor, perfect for pairing with these libations. Cure: New Orleans Drinks and How to Mix ‘Em​ is a beautiful keepsake for anyone who has fallen under New Orleans’s spell and a must-have souvenir for the millions of people who visit the city each year.

The Cocktail Edit: Everything You Need to Know About How to Make All the Drinks that Matter by Alice Lascelles Quadrille Publishing (October 25, 2022) Cocktails should be simple. Acclaimed drinks writer Alice Lascelles knows everything there is to know about making delicious drinks at home with minimal equipment and fuss. The Cocktail Edit is built around a ‘capsule collection’ of 12 classic cocktails – each of these is followed by six twists, plus tips and inspiration for creating many more. The book also offers essential advice on getting your home bar set up – and shows how easy it is to make amazing cocktails with just a few basic tools, ingredients and techniques. It’s a guide brimming with trade secrets on everything from choosing the best-value spirits to making cocktails for a party; written in a conversational style, and illustrated with beautiful photography, The Cocktail Edit is practical, opinionated and fun.

American Whiskey (Second Edition): Over 300 Whiskeys and 110 Distillers Tell the Story of the Nation’s Spirit by Richard Thomas (Author), Robin Robinson (Foreword) Cider Mill Press; 2nd edition (October 25, 2022) Internationally recognized whiskey expert Richard Thomas brings you this expanded and updated edition of American Whiskey. This book not only delivers a thorough history of this national spirit, but provides a snapshot of the industry today. With an emphasis on new expressions of whiskey and rising stars in the game, this expanded edition brings more exposure to the whiskey world than ever. Thomas highlights the major players and whiskey hubs across the U.S., from industry giants to smaller craft distilleries that bring quality to your glass. Chapters are dedicated by region, covering the Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, and the West. With a special focus on the recent emergence of the third whiskey state, Texas, this is an opportunity to dive deeper into the industry today.

A Bartender’s Guide to the World: Cocktails and Stories from 75 Places by Lauren Mote & James O. Fraioli Appetite by Random House (October 25, 2022) For over 20 years, Lauren Mote has tended bars and traveled the world, often as one of the only women in a male-dominated industry. She’s developed cocktail recipes, sought out new ingredients, and gathered stories along the way. Now, in her first book, Lauren is inviting readers and home bartenders to pack their suitcases and come with her on an international cocktail adventure. Few bartenders can match Lauren’s encyclopedic knowledge of spirits, liqueurs, and tinctures, not to mention her originality for blending them into a perfectly-balanced drink. Once you’ve gotten a handle on the basics of bartending, and gathered your cocktail shaker along with a few other pieces of equipment, you’ll be raising your glass in no time. The recipes are organized by their star ingredients, such as agave, gin, whiskey, rum, vodka, and more. Every drink is given its own designation of standard, mid, low, or zero proof, and you’ll find a whole chapter on nonalcoholic cocktails, because Lauren feels strongly that all drinks should be prepared with care, whether they include alcohol or not. Once you’ve narrowed down the base that you’re in the mood for, let Lauren’s magnetic storytelling and gift of the gab continue to guide you. In each chapter, you’ll find a collection of Mise en Place Recipes to help you build up your bar’s basic ingredients and make Lauren’s techniques your own. With beautiful storytelling and photography, and cocktail recipes you won’t find elsewhere, A Bartender’s Guide to the World is as much a pleasure to read as it is to imbibe from.

Vogue Cocktails: Classic drinks from the golden age of cocktails by Henry McNulty (Author), Robin Muir (Foreword) Conran (October 25, 2022) A super-chic collection of 150 classic cocktail recipes created by one-time Vogue drinks expert and man about town, Henry McNulty. From the archives of British Vogue, the classic cocktail book, for a new generation of discerning drinkers. Vogue Cocktails is an exquisite collection of recipes compiled by former British Vogue drinks aficionado and man-about-town, Henry McNulty. Taking inspiration from the cocktail culture of the 1930s, Vogue Cocktails contains 150 delectable recipes organized by base spirit – Champagne, Gin, Vodka, Whisky, Rum and Brandies & Other Spirits – to ensure a drink for every palate. The book also contains essential information on stocking your bar and mixing drinks, with wonderful, jazz-age-inspired illustrations by Graham Palfrey-Rogers throughout.

John Wayne: The Official Cocktail Book by André Darlington Insight Editions (November 1, 2022) Based on the iconic and beloved actor John Wayne, this collection of satisfying drinks takes cocktail enthusiasts on a trip through some of John Wayne’s most memorable characters, films and extraordinary life. This unique book includes seventy recipes for delicious, handcrafted cocktails and a selection of tasteful bar bites to pair with the beverages. With drinks inspired by characters such as Rooster Cogburn, Big Jake McCandles, and Davy Crockett, John Wayne: The Official Cocktail Book includes step-by-step instructions, tips on how to craft the perfect cocktail, and beautiful full-color photography. This book is an essential addition to every fan’s bar cart or bookshelf.

Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch: The World’s Best-selling Book on Malt Whisky by Michael Jackson DK (November 1, 2022) Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch, the landmark best-selling malt whiskey companion by the late Michael Jackson, doyen of whiskey writers, has been comprehensively updated by a team of experts. Featuring over 500 new bottlings, reviewed and scored, plus hundreds of revised entries, Michael Jackson’s Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch includes background information on the distilleries, tasting notes on over 1,000 bottlings, and practical advice on buying malts and interpreting whiskey labels.

Midcentury Cocktails: History, Lore, and Recipes from America’s Atomic Age by Cecelia Tichi NYU Press (November 1, 2022) America at midcentury was a nation on the move, taking to wings and wheels along the new interstate highways and in passenger jets that soared to thirty thousand feet. Anxieties rippled, but this new Atomic Age promised cheap power and future wonders, while the hallmark of the era was the pleasure of an evening imbibing cocktails in mixed company, a middle-class idea of sophisticated leisure. This new age, stretching from the post–World War II baby boom years through the presidency of General Dwight Eisenhower into the increasingly volatile mid-1960s, promised affordable homes for those who had never dreamed of owning property and an array of gleaming appliances to fill them. For many, this was America at its best―innovation, style, and the freedom to enjoy oneself―and the spirit of this time is reflected in the whimsical cocktails that rose to prominence: tiki drinks, Moscow mules, Sea Breezes, Pina Coladas, Pink Squirrels, and Sloe Gin Fizzes. Of course, not everyone was invited to the party. Though the drinks were getting sweeter, the racial divide was getting more bitter―Black Americans in search of a drink, entertainment, or a hotel room had to depend on the Green Book for advice on places where they would be welcome and safe. And the Cold War and Space Race proceeded ominously throughout this period, as technological advances alternately thrilled and terrified. The third installment in Cecelia Tichi’s tour of the cocktails enjoyed in various historical eras, Midcentury Cocktails brings a time of limitless possibilities to life though the cocktails created, named, and consumed.

The New York Times Essential Book of Cocktails (Second Edition): Over 400 Classic Drink Recipes With Great Writing from The New York Times by Steve Reddicliffe (Author), Christopher Buckley (Foreword) Cider Mill Press; 2nd edition (November 8, 2022) This updated edition contains more than 400 classic and contemporary craft cocktail recipes, paired with exceptional writing and the authoritative voice of The New York Times. Cocktail hour is one of America’s most popular pastimes and a favorite way to entertain. What better place to find the secrets of craft cocktails than The New York Times? Steve Reddicliffe, the “Quiet Drink” columnist for The Times, brings his signature voice and expertise to this collection of delicious recipes from bartenders from around the world, with a special emphasis on New York City. Discover more than 400 recipes and the wit and wisdom of decades of this venerable paper’s best cocktail coverage. Reddicliffe has carefully curated this essential collection, with memorable writing from famed New York Times journalists like Craig Claiborne, Toby Cecchini, Eric Asimov, Rosie Schaap, Robert Simonson, Melissa Clark, William L. Hamilton, Jonathan Miles, Amanda Hesser, William Grimes, and many more.

Beer A Tasting Course: A Flavor-Focused Approach to the World of Beer by Mark Dredge DK (November 8, 2022) Beer is now brewed in a dizzying variety of styles, available to enjoy like never before. Let’s drink to this diversity with a new appreciation of just how complex and mind-expanding beer can be. Crack open this book and enjoy a series of guided tastings of more than 50 different beer styles—from smoked black lager to sour-fermented wild ales, triple green-hopped IPAs and cask-matured barley wines. With each tasting, you will learn to identify how aroma, taste, texture, and finish all combine to create the distinctive flavor profile of the particular beer style. You will discover which unique ingredients and aspects of the brewing process combine to produce each style, while quick reviews of the best examples from around the world will lead you to explore further. To help establish your beer palate, the course starts with a solid grounding in the range of flavors found in beer and the art of detecting them—opening your nose, mind, and throat to the complete sensory experience of flavor and pouring the perfect glass! Travel through time and across the globe to grasp the ongoing story of beer, its heritage, and its innovation. Also learn how to pair beer with food and to cook with beer. In the end, you always return to what really matters: that miraculous glass of cold, liquid joy.

Holy Waters: Searching for the sacred in a glass by Tom Morton Watkins Publishing (November 8, 2022) Tom Morton has travelled the world in search of the finest drams the planet has to offer. His journeys reveal the links between faith and alcohol, between spirits and the spiritual. From Christianity’s Holy Communion to the temple libations of Japan, through the rum concoctions of Haitian Voodoo to the monastic producers of every liquid from beer to “tonic” wine. And of course Tom’s beloved whisky, brewed in many corners of the world. Holy Waters is Tom’s journey to the spiritual heart of whisky, sake, rum, Champagne, beer, mead and a variety of wines. With great insight, humour and for the most part sobriety, he traces the links between brewing, winemaking, distilling and worship, from ancient pagan rites to the most modern Trappist technology. He revels in the lore and mysteries of craft production, the elemental, magical love stories, the passionate relationships between human and landscape, grain and pure water, grape and fire. And he does so on a motorcycle which, to his astonishment, runs very well on cask-strength Islay single malt. This book is a celebration of cultures and artisan craft, a book for food and drink, travel and history lovers.

The Curious Bartender: In Pursuit of Liquid Perfection: Recipes for the finest cocktails by Tristan Stephenson Ryland Peters & Small (November 8, 2022) Tristan Stephenson is back to shake up the cocktail world once more, perfecting classic cocktails and offering his signature reinventions using his world-renowned mixology skills. The Curious Bartender’s New Testament is the sixth book by bestselling author and legendary bartender Tristan Stephenson. You’ll find 64 of the finest cocktails: 32 perfected classics and 32 game-changing reinventions of classics. Tristan makes you discover tastebuds and talents you never knew you had. You will find recipes for everything from a White Russian or a Tom Collins to an Umami Bomb or a Giraffe. He’ll show you the tools of the trade, the techniques he swears by and how to experiment to create your own cocktail sensations at home. Tristan’s done all the hard work for you – all you have to do is leaf through the pages of his book.

All Belgian Whiskies by Patrick Ludwich & Karel Puype Stichting Kunstboak (November 11, 2022) Belgium has all the assets to become a true whisky country. The knowledge required to make whisky is readily available, thanks in part to our centuries-old culture of beer and jenever. A number of Belgian jenever distilleries and breweries have been experimenting with whisky for quite some time, but the concept of ‘Belgian whisky’ only really took off in the recent past. Every year new initiatives arise and time after time the announced releases are sold out in no time. Belgian whisky is appreciated, has become a sought-after collector’s item and regularly wins gold and silver at international competitions. For the first time, an overview of Belgian whiskies and whisky houses is published in book form. An indispensable reference work for collectors and whisky lovers alike. Text in English, Dutch and French.

Intoxication: An Ethnography of Effervescent Revelry by Sébastien Tutenges Rutgers University Press (November 11, 2022) For two decades, Sébastien Tutenges has conducted research in bars, nightclubs, festivals, drug dens, nightlife resorts, and underground dance parties in a quest to answer a fundamental question: Why do people across cultures gather regularly to intoxicate themselves? Vivid and at times deeply personal, this book offers new insights into a wide variety of intoxicating experiences, from the intimate feeling of connection among concertgoers to the adrenaline-fueled rush of a fight, to the thrill of jumping off a balcony into a swimming pool. Tutenges shows what it means and feels to move beyond the ordinary into altered states in which the transgressive, spectacular, and unexpected take place. He argues that the primary aim of group intoxication is the religious experience that Émile Durkheim calls collective effervescence, the essence of which is a sense of connecting with other people and being part of a larger whole. This experience is empowering and emboldening and may lead to crime and deviance, but it is at the same time vital to our humanity because it strengthens social bonds and solidarity.

LoveSexy Cocktail Guide by André Akinyele BookBaby (November 12, 2021) Shake Up Your Sexy with 138 alluring recipes and illustrations celebrating songs by Prince! “LoveSexy Cocktail Guide” is a curated collection of 138 Prince song inspired cocktail recipes and illustrations. This is a must-have book for fans of an incredible man who revolutionized the music industry. This one-of-a-kind book is an A-to-Z guide of Prince song inspired cocktail recipes for making classic, contemporary, and fun drinks to celebrate Prince. These pages contain classic cocktails inspired from the song catalog of Prince―an astonishing artist, entertainer, musician, and songwriter in pop culture. Make a cocktail playlist from the curated Prince songs included, and decode the mysteries behind each song alongside tasty, inspired recipes.

Seattle Cocktails: An Elegant Collection of Over 100 Recipes Inspired by the Emerald City by Neil Ratliff Cider Mill Press (November 15, 2022) Discover the unique Seattle vibe with delicious recipes from some of the city’s top mixologists and bartenders. Explore the best places to drink in the city with chapters divided by neighborhood and remake your favorite local beverages at home. Enjoy recipes from Emerald city bars that take full advantage of local flair and flavor, with stunning photographs that capture the heart of this colorful port city. Find tips and techniques of the trade in interviews with prominent bartenders. From dive bars to craft cocktail bars, Seattle has it all, and you can bring it home with you. Whether you save these recipes for a rainy day or enjoy them in the sunshine, these cocktails will make you feel like you’re at the top of the Space Needle.

Cocktail Time!: The Ultimate Guide to Grown-Up Fun by Paul Feig William Morrow Cookbooks (November 15, 2022) Famed TV and film writer, director, and producer Paul Feig is obsessed with cocktails and cocktail culture. It’s about having great conversations with friends. It’s about putting on your best clothes and throwing a smart gathering or heading to your favorite bar and having an interesting chat with the bartender. And it’s about staying home, mixing a drink and sipping it in a beautiful glass as you watch a great old movie by yourself. Cocktail Time! is a love letter to the aesthetics and culture around cocktails. It’s guaranteed to make you want to up your party-giving game—or at least your home bar situation. And it’s an immensely charming and readable window into one man’s friendly obsession.

Imbibing for Introverts: A Guide to Social Drinking for the Anti-Social by Jeff Cioletti (Author), Elena Makansi (Illustrator) Skyhorse (November 15, 2022) Long before the term “social distancing” entered the lexicon, introverts were thriving. But let’s clear one thing up right away: Being introverts doesn’t mean we’re all a bunch of hermits. Introverts like going out as much as the next person—as long as it’s a manageable, crowd-less situation with comfortable places to sit! The emptier the bar, the better. The less likely to be bothered by—GASP—other people, even more ideal. As a professional drinks writer and editor who travels solo a great deal for a living, the author has learned a thing or two about drinking alone. For instance, seclusion is key. Look for a bar that offers numerous opportunities to sequester yourself. Avoid the communal tables, sit as close to the end of the bar as possible (a corner two-top in a darkened room is best-case-scenario), and don’t skimp on the beverage: Order something with complexity that makes you quietly contemplate what’s in your glass, how it got there, and how your surroundings are accentuating the drinking experience. Tiki bars are among the most conducive to that vibe, as everything from the ingredients, to the décor, to the music is designed for just soaking it all in without distraction, but never discount the daytime dive bar either. Imbibing for Introverts combines the social survival tactics taught in guides like The Introvert’s Way with the appreciation for thoughtful drinking found in travelogues like Around the World in 80 Cocktails. From Frankie’s Tiki Room in Las Vegas, to New York’s Dead Rabbit cocktail bar, to San Francisco’s Chinatown dive bar Li Po, Imbibing for Introverts helps solo drinkers confidently pull up a seat at every genre and subgenre of drinking establishment. The book begins in readers’ most comfortable setting—their own homes—before taking them out on the town, to bars across the country and, finally, overseas. There are more than a dozen chapters divided by bar type, along with an introduction (“Introvert’s Manifesto”) and epilogue (“Quarantine Confessions”). Each chapter features drink recommendations and cocktail recipes that relate to the particular setting, so if desired, you could also partake without the annoyance and sometimes anxiety-ridden task of leaving the house.

The Anchor Brewing Story: America’s First Craft Brewery & San Francisco’s Original Anchor Steam Beer by David Burkhart (Author), Fritz Maytag (Foreword) Ten Speed Press (November 15, 2022) San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Co. is one of America’s oldest breweries, with an extraordinary heritage rooted in the California Gold Rush. Undaunted and resilient, it has survived earthquakes, fires, insolvency, and Prohibition. In 1965, when mass-produced, mass-marketed beer completely dominated the American brewing landscape, Fritz Maytag rescued the nation’s smallest brewery and its unique Anchor Steam Beer from the brink of bankruptcy. Focusing on tradition, quality, and flavor, Maytag transformed Anchor Brewing, igniting a revolution that paved the way for today’s craft beer movement. Anchor brewery historian David Burkhart tells the story of America’s first craft brewery in this compellingly definitive insider’s guide. With three hundred images—most shown for the first time—and original homebrew recipes for four of Anchor’s iconic brews (Anchor Steam, Anchor California Lager, Anchor Porter, and Liberty Ale), The Anchor Brewing Story is a book for beer drinkers, homebrewers, pro brewers, entrepreneurs, San Francisco–philes, and anyone who loves a good comeback tale.

Colorado Cocktail Cookbook Vol 2 by Chad Chisholm Liferich Publishing (November 15, 2022) Who’s ready for a second round? Colorado Cocktail Cookbook Vol 2 packs a punch with 54 recipes from the state of Colorado. Mixing at home or enjoying at your favorite haunt, this book is a guide to creative cocktails throughout the state. Elevating the mixologist experience in the Mile High State, this is a perfect compendium to Volume 1!

Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails by Molly Kimball (Author), Melanie Warner Spencer (Author), & Ethan Skaggs Pelican Publishing (November 21, 2022) The clink of ice, the fragrance of fresh herbs, and the ritual of pouring artisanal spirits into a shaker or glass are all integral to the timeless experience of crafting a sophisticated cocktail. When we aren’t drinking, whatever the reason may be, we still want to enjoy elegant, thoughtful beverages. This philosophy is at the heart of Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails. Inspired by the talented bar staff of dozens of Eat Fit restaurant partners, these zero proof recipes surpass sugary mocktails and basic soda spritzers, proving that it’s truly possible to create remarkable, elevated drinks that are alcohol free with little or no added sugars. Featuring more than 50 recipes, as well as guides to barware, bitters, glassware, and everything else you need to craft a fully sensorial cocktail, this book is an essential–and beautiful–resource for every home mixologist’s library.

Behind the Bar: Gin: 50 Gin Cocktails from Bars Around the World by Alia Akkam Hardie Grant (November 22, 2022) In Behind the Bar: Gin, Alia Akkam gives a guided tour around bars around the world and their gin cocktails. From the Enzoni Cobbler at the Gin Palace in Melbourne to a Southern riff on the Gin & Tonic at The Gin Joint in Charleston, there is a simple recipe for anyone wanting to whip up a cocktail at home in no time. Along with recipes, Behind the Bar: Gin explores stories surrounding the bars and their cocktails, as well as interesting gin-based nuggets of inspiration – from sloe gins, the Negroni Sbagliato, to guides on tonics and punches, there is a lot to discover! With its beautiful illustrations and accessible style of writing, this will appeal to the armchair traveler as much as the keen home bartender.

On Champagne: A tapestry of tales to celebrate the greatest sparkling wine of all by Susan Keevil (Editor), Tom Stevenson (Introduction) Academie Du Vin Library Ltd (November 23, 2022) Champagne is never a simple glass of fizz… As soon as the cork flies, the first sip reveals a wine of fascinating complexity. For even the most modest non-vintage cuvée, a bevy of blending decisions, multi layers of history and the incalculable climate of this northern corner of France all come into play. In On Champagne the thoughts, opinions and conclusions of the world’s finest champagne writers gather to reveal this wine’s action-packed trajectory from the myth of its accidental discovery – not in France, we find, but in the cider cellars of England – to the development of a high-tech champagne fit for space travel. It’s a journey that starts and ends with capturing that sparkle in a bottle and along the way beguiles us with the nuances of its chalky terrain, the determination of rebels from Ambonnay to Avize, and the mystery of a champagne cellar under the sea. We meet the pioneers who created the great champagnes of the past and the personalities who are ‘greening’ this landscape, nurturing it through climate change to shape the exquisite champagnes of the future.

Raising the Bar: A Bottle-by-Bottle Guide to Mixing Masterful Cocktails at Home by Brett Adams & Jacob Grier Chronicle Books (November 29, 2022) Instead of drawing on esoteric bottles of liquor, complicated syrups, and obscure sodas, this book takes readers through the home bar bottle by bottle, ensuring that every ingredient is versatile enough to be used to the last drop. Building on a very basic cocktail pantry, each chapter thoughtfully introduces a new bottle and explains how it opens new possibilities for cocktails. Each chapter builds on the one before, so readers never encounter recipes calling for unfamiliar spirits or ingredients. RAISING THE BAR allows readers to set their own pace and maximize the usefulness of the spirits they bring home. This book will be a go-to reference for the home bartender that is practical enough for the day-to-day and special enough for a party. With handsome graphics and a smart focus on what’s already in stock, it’s what home mixologists can turn to when they want creative and delightful drinks without a bar cart full of single-use bottles.

The Five-Bottle Bar: A Simple Guide to Stylish Cocktails by Jessica Schacht Touchwood Editions (November 29, 2022) From the co-founder of Ampersand Distilling Company, a collection of cocktail recipes that relies on just five bottles to build your bartending style with ease and confidence. Think of it as the capsule closet for cocktails. Five bottles around which your inner bartender can emerge with skill, savvy and a little flare for the dramatic when it’s called for. Playwright, columnist, and co-founder of Ampersand Distilling Company, Jessica Schacht knows we all contain multitudes and believes with a little curation and mastery of the basics, we can succeed at elevating the everyday and cultivating a good cocktail hour. The bottles: gin, whiskey, sweet and dry vermouth, and Campari (plus bonus recipes for bubbly). The setting: living room, backyard, window seat, and the wild beyond. The mixologist? Oh, that’s you. In this beautifully photographed collection, Jessica Schacht, co-founder of Ampersand Distilling Company, presents her take on classics (like the G & T, the Old Fashioned, the Martini, and the Negroni), collections (sours, punches, and such), and contemporaries (a few inventive new drinks to pique your creativity). There’s a chapter of zero-proofs in part inspired by the abundance of new alcohol-free spirits on the market now, and another dedicated to keeping your vacation drinks game classy, from the airplane to the B&B to the beach. In addition to the recipes The Five-Bottle Bar supplies a solid foundation in bartending basics (tools, techniques, thoughts on glassware and garnishes), the condensed history of spirits, and tips for setting up your minimalist bar cart.

Drink Like a Local London: A Field Guide to London’s Best Bars by Felipe Schrieberg Cider Mill Press (November 29, 2022) Explore the most popular hotspots, tube stops, and drinks that London has to offer. From classy rooftop bars to eccentric, hidden watering holes, take a tour through London’s diverse cocktail scene with this guide. Discover the unique character of each location and the signature recipes from these venues. You will feel like you’re really there long before you order your first drink. Inside you’ll find 50 bar profiles and bartender highlights, beautifully illustrated pages that showcase the heart of each location, and background on the bustling history of the London bar scene. Never be without a drink with recipes from timeless locations and profiles on some of the best bartenders you’ve never heard of. Bring London’s charm to your home bar anywhere in the world. You’ll find yourself right at home with Drink Like a Local London.

150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die by Jurgen Lijcops Lannoo Publishers (November 30, 2022) Since 150 Bars You Need to Visit Before You Die came out in 2018, more than 17,000 copies have been sold. Time for an updated version, with no less than 50 new bars. Discover which bars you must visit worldwide for their delicious cocktails, unique interiors or authentic atmosphere. Sommelier and spirits connoisseur Jurgen Lijcops once again takes you on a trip/bar crawl around the world and also gives you the best cocktail recipes en cours de route.

Decanter: The World’s Wine Legends: Over 100 of the World’s legendary bottles of wine by Stephen Brook Sona Books (December 1, 2022) For many years the world’s most successful wine magazine published on their last page a monthly Wine Legend. These were and, in some cases, still are the most sought after wines around the world from specific vineyards and vintages. Names that can bring a shiver to the back of a wine lover’s neck and be spoken about in hushed tones. Chateau Palmer ’61, Ridge, Monto Bello 1970, Biondi-Santi, Tenuto il Greppo 1975 to name but a few. This book brings these wines together for the first time, over 100 absolutely legendary wines. With an introduction by Stephen Brook who pulled together the information and the photographs, this is a beautiful gift for anyone who enjoys wine.

Cheers!: Cocktails & Toasts to Celebrate Every Day of the Year – A Cocktail Book by Philip Greene Union Square & Co. (December 6, 2022) Philip Greene, winner of the 13th Annual Spirited Award for Best New Book on Drinks Culture, History or Spirits, pairs each day of the year with a cocktail recipe that represents it, along with a toast in celebration! For every day of the year, Cheers! offers delicious cocktail recipes along with a backstory connecting the recipe to a particular day and a toast to raise in celebration. Greene draws on a range of interesting and (usually) fun events, some significant and some trivial, from the pages of history, literature, sports, entertainment, and more. Many of the toasts are classics culled from cocktail and bartending books dating to the nineteenth century, the works of Shakespeare, and other timeless sources. While the book undoubtedly acknowledges the usual noteworthy dates from around the world (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, etc.), it also features a new twist on standard observances, offering a fresh story, angle, and drink.

Twist: Your Guide to Creating Inspired Craft Cocktails by Jordan Hughes Page Street Publishing (December 13, 2022) Learn how to make a great, well-balanced and properly executed cocktail with this stunning resource and recipe book from award-winning spirits writer Jordan Hughes. In over 75 killer recipes, you’ll master classics like the Martini and Old Fashioned, discover what makes these builds so timeless and how to use their tried-and-true specs to create your own riffs, twists and deliciously modern craft cocktails. Shake up a perfect Margarita then experiment with the spicy carrot and mezcal Power-Up Technique. Read into the “bastardized” evolution of a classic Daiquiri, then go crazy with a Guava Daiquiri, served over crushed ice with a hint of absinthe. Enjoy the bubbly French 75 and new Pisco and passion fruit Peruvian 75, or the spirit-forward Manhattan and its unique spin the Nocturnal Burn, made with cacao tequila and chili liqueur. There’s something for every palate in these pages! And with tons of information on stocking your home bar, making your own syrups and practicing proper technique, you’ll unlock a whole new world of mixology and hone your bartending skills.

GSN Review: Shiner x Garrison Brothers Limited-edition 24 oz. Barrel-Aged Doppelbock

The independent, family-owned makers of iconic Shiner Bock announce a new 24 oz. Barrel-Aged Doppelbock made in collaboration with Garrison Brothers Distillery, a renowned Texas-based distillery known for Texas Straight Bourbon. The Barrel-Aged Doppelbock is the first of five in the Brewer’s Pride 2022 series, a line of exclusive brews crafted by Shiner Brewmasters to honor their most devoted fans.

Barrel-Aged Doppelbock is crafted with Two-Row Premium, Copper and Chocolate Malts, as well as Golding Hops, then aged in ex-Port casks that were used to create Garrison Brothers’ Guadalupe Bourbon. The combination of unique flavors and slow aging in the one-of-a-kind casks results in innovative flavors that will appeal to connoisseurs.

As the first release in the launch of the Brewers Pride line, the Barrel-Aged Doppelbock (12% ABV) is expected to sell out quickly. Available for purchase at major Shiner retailers in Texas including HEB, Kroger and Total Wine.

GSN’s Remarks: A strong, nearly imperial style beer with a lot of flavor and character. Doppelbocks happen to be one of my favorite styles, and this one does not disappoint. A rich, velvety and very tight carbonation diffuses the intense sweet and boozy lager. Loads of malt are offset by the intriguing blend of Port and Bourbon barrel aging, creating a lot of high notes that tease the palate with sharpness. A beautiful expression of the inherent skills of Shiner’s brewmasters. Grab a few bottles to cellar if you have the opportunity. GSN Rating: A+

For more information go to: Shiner & Garrison Bros

#Shiner #GarrisonBrothers

GSN Review: Hopfheiser Old Time Lager

A modern interpretation of the Hopfheiser Brewing Company’s American light lager from 1935, this
reinvigorated brand brings the beer back to the District of Columbia for the first time in nearly 100 years. This ain’t your dad’s beer — or maybe it is.

Brewed with North American 2-row barley and flaked corn, Old Time Lager boasts a crisp, dry finish with a light body. Available in 12oz cans and 16oz tallboys, with a nostalgic vibe and a crowd pleasing flavor, Old Time Lager is an approachable, anytime-friendly beer. 

GSN’s Remarks: A solid American styled lager. Light, refreshing, slightly creamy mouthfeel, and with more character than you will find in mass produced beers. We really enjoyed the sense of time traveling back to a simpler, albeit different era. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Old Time Lager


GSN Brews News: May 3rd 2022 Edition

Hood River, Oregon-based Full Sail Brewing Company is releasing the latest in its Strong Current IPA Series. The new release is a West Coast style Double IPA called Believing is Seeing. It’s brewed with pale malt and oats alongside Azacca and Citra hops and promises notes of tropical fruit, mango, and tangerine. At 8.5% abv, Believing is Seeing Double IPA is available now through June in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans and limited draft.

Diageo-owned Lone River Beverage Company, maker of Ranch Water hard seltzer, is extending its brand with Lone River Ranch Rita. Made with agave nectar, the drink is a premium take on a canned Margarita-style beverage, at 6% abv. Lone River Ranch Rita is available in 6-packs of 12-ounce cans as well as 16- and 23.5-ounce single cans. Diageo acquired the brand last year for an undisclosed sum.

A team of celebrity partners has collaborated to launch a new cocktail brand, Thomas Ashbourne Craft Spirits. Named for a renowned Prohibition-era mixologist, the brand’s initial lineup includes four offerings, each aligned with one or several of its celebrity partners: Sarah Jessica Parker—The Perfect Cosmo; John Cena—The Classic Old Fashioned; Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, and Vanessa Hudgens—The Margalicious Margarita; and Playboi Carti—The Hardscatto. Thomas Ashbourne cocktails carry an average suggested retail price of $16 per 375-ml. bottle and $26 for a four-pack of 200-ml. cans. They’re launching this month in California, Texas, Illinois, Florida, Washington, and New York, with a national rollout slated for the summer. All four Thomas Ashbourne branded cocktails are kosher certified and gluten-free with a premium spirit base that ranges from 20%-25% abv.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Brews News: April 26th 2022 Edition

German beer importer Radeberger Gruppe USA will bring two new offerings stateside with the launch of Schöfferhofer Juicy Pineapple and Schöfferhofer Wild Cherry, the latter within the brand’s first national variety pack, known as the Schöfferhofer “Happy Pack.” The former is a 50/50 mix of German hefeweizen and pineapple juice that launches nationally this month in 6-packs of 12-ounce bottles, at just 2.5% abv. Wild Cherry, meanwhile, will be packaged along with Schöfferhofer Grapefruit, Pomegranate, and Passion Fruit in the variety pack.

Freshie Organic Tequila Seltzer is entering the Florida market, distributed by Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits. Freshie is made from organic Tequila, mineral water, organic lime essence, and organic agave nectar. The brand launched in the Chicago area in 2021 with one SKU (lime) and is now in more than 1,000 retailers and restaurants. Freshie 4-packs of 12-ounce cans retail at $11.

Malibu Rum is launching two new canned cocktails along with a new video ad. The new RTDs are Pineapple Bay Breeze Cocktail in a Can and Watermelon Mojito Cocktail in a Can, both of which are at 7% abv and retail for $13 a 4-pack. The two new flavors join Pina Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri in the Malibu Cocktail canned lineup.

Belgian brewer Lindemans is celebrating its 200th anniversary with Cuvée Francisca, a new lambic beer. The 8% abv brew is a blend of 4-year-old lambic drawn from three casks (90%), with young lambic making up the remaining 10%. The beer is first fermented in oak before bottling and fermenting again for a year. Cuvée Francisca, named for one of the brewery’s founders, is available in limited quantities across the U.S.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Brews News: April 19th 2022 Edition

Atomic Brands has extended Impact “Hot Brand” Monaco Cocktails with a Watermelon Crush flavor. Made with Tequila and fresh watermelon, the newcomer is at 9% abv and joins Lime Crush, Sun Crush, Purple Crush, Blue Crush, Citrus Rush, Tropic Rush, Cranberry, Black Raspberry, and Mango Peach in the Monaco Cocktails lineup, which jumped 26% to 1.9 million cases in the U.S. last year. Monaco Watermelon Crush is debuting at convenience stores nationwide, retailing at $2.50 to $3 a 12-ounce can.

Onda Tequila Seltzers has released its Pineapple and Mango offerings in 4-packs of individual flavors. Previously, the pineapple- and mango-flavored seltzers were only available as part of a variety pack. Both flavors are at 5% and are made with Blanco Tequila, fruit juice or puree, and seltzer water, plus natural flavors. Onda is available in 31 states across the U.S. and retails at $11 a 4-pack.

Connecticut-based Luneau USA is launching Ed Hardy RTD Sparkling Flavored Tequila. The new range features Ed Hardy Sparkling Tequila Blood Orange/Pomegranate and Orange/Pineapple offerings packaged in 12-ounce cans which showcase the artwork of the brand’s celebrated tattoo artist namesake. Both flavors are at 4.5% abv and have 99 calories a serving, with the initial launch numbering 20,000 cases.

Longmont, Colorado-based Oskar Blues Brewery announced The Works, a new nationally distributed mix pack of three of the brewery’s best sellers. The Works comes as a 12-pack composed of six cans of Oskar’s Lager and three each of flagship Dale’s Pale Ale and new release Double Dale’s Imperial IPA. Oskar’s Lager is at 4% abv, Dale’s Pale Ale is at 6.5% abv, and Double Dale’s is at 9% abv. The Works is on shelves nationwide now.

Anheuser-Busch is launching Neon Burst, a new fruit-flavored sparkling hard drink. Launching in convenience channels, the brand is available in the flavors Punch Blast–featuring flavors of pineapple, passionfruit, orange, raspberry, cherry, and apple–and Grape Blowout, composed of grape and citrus flavors. Both options are at 8% abv. Neon Burst is available now in 25-ounce cans nationwide and in 16-ounce cans in many states.

William Grant & Sons is targeting the white-hot premixed cocktail market with a new brand, Batch & Bottle. The line draws from Grant’s U.S. portfolio to create classic cocktails and includes four offerings: Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned, Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan, Hendrick’s Gin Martini, and Reyka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan. All four are available for a suggested price of $17 a 375-ml. and are rolling out now across the U.S.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Brews News: April 12th 2022 Edition

Paso Robles, California-based Firestone Walker has introduced Mind Haze Light, a hazy IPA with 100 calories per can. Rolling out in six-packs of 12-ounce cans, Mind Haze Light is at 4% abv. It uses the same yeast strain as the original Mind Haze, as well as a grist bill that employs wheat and oats. The dry hopping blend is also similar, but with Mosaic and El Dorado hops pushed to the forefront. Firestone Walker’s Mind Haze brand family also includes Double Mind Haze and the Mind Haze Tropical Hazy Mixed Pack.

Cleveland-based Platform Beer Co. has debuted Odd Future, a new Imperial IPA. Clocking in at 8.6% abv, Odd Future is a new year-round brew with an aromatic and citrusy profile, according to the company. Platform has two locations in Cleveland and one in Cincinnati. Its beers are distributed to Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, New York and New Jersey.

Cayman Jack, part of the Mark Anthony portfolio, has released a new Margarita Variety Pack with flavors including Margarita, Strawberry, Mango, and Watermelon. The flavored malt beverage brand’s new pack includes three 12-ounce slim cans each of those flavors, which are at 5.8% abv.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Review: Firestone Hopnosis IPA

Culminating a 15-year quest to master the West Coast IPA, one of the world’s most highly regarded brewers has unveiled a beer that sets new standards for what an IPA can be. Firestone Walker brewmaster  Matt Brynildson has taken his mastery of hopping techniques over the years and rolled it into one beer – Firestone Walker Hopnosis IPA – a full-bodied, well-blended, explosively tropical IPA.   

The secret behind Hopnosis is a proprietary blend of hops from across the globe including New Zealand and the Pacific Northwest, along with the use of Cryo Hops® technology to separate, preserve and intensify the hop components, resulting in a robust yet smooth beer. 

GSN’s Remarks: Freshly sliced pineapple notes open up the palate, with a session-like bitterness. But, don’t be fooled. This is a 6.7% abv brew that will put you under its spell. The body is light, summery and with a creamy mouthfeel. The hop blend really is superb here, creating a cohesive whole wherein you can taste the malt, the hops and the minerality of the water. When many companies are still pushing hops to 11, it is refreshing to have a more balanced take on the style. Cheers to Firestone! GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: Firestone Beer

#FirestoneBeer #HopnosisIPA

GSN Brews News: April 5th 2022 Edition

Providence, Rhode Island’s Narragansett Beer has released this year’s Del’s Shandy variety pack, the latest collaboration between the brewery and the frozen lemonade maker. This year’s box contains four 12-ounce cans each of the original Lemon Shandy and Del’s Watermelon Shandy, and also marks the return of Del’s Black Cherry Shandy. All three brews are at 4.7% abv and will be available on the eastern seaboard from North Carolina on up, as well as in Kentucky and Ohio. The 12-pack retails for between $17 and $19, depending on the market.

Don Sebastiani & Sons’ Flybird Cocktails, a line of agave wine-based RTDs, has added two new flavors and now offers two of its original releases in cans. The new flavors—Piña Colada and Mojito—come in at 15% abv and are available in 750-ml. bottles for around $13 each, joining Passion Fruit, Watermelon Cucumber, Blood Orange, Prickly Pear, and Paloma, plus Baja Lime and Strawberry Margaritas in the brand’s portfolio. Additionally, the brand has released Flybird cans, 8.45-ounce versions of its Margaritas at 9% abv.

Constellation Brands has launched Svedka Tropics Tea Spritz, a new line of spirits-based RTDs. The line is kicking off with three flavors—Pineapple Guava, Raspberry Kiwi, and Orange Mango—all made with tea, fruit flavors, sparkling water, and vodka. The trio are canned at 5% abv and come in an 8-can variety pack (four Pineapple Guava and two each of the other two) and 4-packs of individual flavors for around $20 and $13, respectively, with individual cans carrying a suggested price of $3. Svedka’s new RTDs are now available across the U.S.

Diageo and Sean “Diddy” Combs have announced the launch of Cîroc Vodka Spritz. It’s the brand’s first step into the ready-to-drink space. The new line will comprise four flavors initially: Watermelon Kiwi, Sunset Citrus, Pineapple Passion, and Colada, all at 7% abv. Cîroc Vodka Spritz will be a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio and will be on shelves nationwide beginning April 1, priced at $17 a 4-pack.

Delaware’s Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, part of the Boston Beer Company, has launched Mandarin & Mango Crush, the latest release in the brewery’s Off-Centered Art Series. The 6% abv fruit beer is made with its namesake fruits and is inspired by the Crush cocktail. The bottles feature art from Missoula, Montana’s Max Mahn and the beer is available in 6-packs of 12-ounce bottles nationwide. In addition, the brewery has released the latest batch of its 120 Minute IPA in 4-packs of 12-ounce bottles.

Constellation Brands has introduced a new boxed cocktail brand, Next Round Cocktails. Made from wine and real fruit juice, Next Round is debuting with Salted Lime Margarita (13.5% abv) and Strawberry Lime Sangria (10% abv) expressions. The new brand is rolling out across major retailers nationwide in a 1.5-liter bag-in-box format retailing at approximately $17 and a 500-ml. Tetra box positioned at $6.

Information courtesy of Shanken News Daily

GSN Review: DC Brau’s The Legislator & Incurable Sadness

DC Brau, D.C.’s first craft brewery recently announced that two of their seasonal offerings are making their return this spring.

Recently, at a Burning of the Bock or “Beer Poking” event, the brewery celebrated the re-release of its barrel-aged Doppelbock: The Legislator. This beer features a prevailing dark stone fruit flavor with toffee notes and a warming oaky finish. On sipping this beer, you get robust notes of raisin, fig, toffee, and a subtle cocoa compliment subdued by plum and prune flavors. GSN’s Remarks: At 11.5% abv, this is one hefty brew. Overflowing with fruitcake-like flavors and a heavy mouthfeel, this one is a slow sipper to be enjoyed warmer than straight out of the fridge. The barrel aging has transformed it into a near cocktail. Very interesting and a Dopplebock unlike any other. GSN Rating: A-

And DC Brau re-launched its Irish Dry Stout: Incurable Sadness. With a jet black to deep brown color, Incurable Sadness is modeled after traditional Irish stouts, featuring a pronounced roast character along with faint cocoa and coffee notes that are balanced beautifully by the hop bitterness for a medium body, and smooth mouthfeel. GSN’s Remarks: A very traditional dry stout with notes of cocoa and chocolate malt. The bitterness is forward on the palate with a dry and dark finish. Well made and nothing to be sad about. GSN Rating: A

For more information go to: DC Brau

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